Tuesday, May 17, 2011

April Smiles

Was it me or did April really fly by?   April is always busy for us.  We have birthdays galore and Easter, of course, but this year, we had even more things on our calendar due our soon to be here baby girl.  It was filled to the brim with love, laughter, and smiles.  Here's hoping May is just as great, but how could it not be with a baby on the horizon.

.  not one, not two, but three baby showers..yes, we are very blessed  .
.  my birthday and lovely birthday dinner out with Mr. O  .
.  I finally got the sushi that I had been craving (nothing raw, folks!)  .
.  celebrating my sister who turned the big 30  .
.  watching the nephews hunt for easter eggs.  Can't wait to have a little girl who can participate  .
.  my brother and Aaron (the biggest kids of them all) trying to find the perfect spot to hide the prize egg  .
.  visiting with the mother-in-law  .
.  my mother-in-law giving us the wonderful gift of our baby bedding and curtains, which she made and did a fabulous job  .
.  so many wonderful baby shower gifts  .
.  chicken marsala  .
.  dinners with both my family and Aaron's family  .
.  dinner and ice cream with B and D  .
.  seeing my brother so excited for his band to play a show, which I unfortunately missed  .
.  homemade pimento cheese (fo' reals)  .
.  3D ultrasounds  .
.  a baby that's healthy and growing, even though I measure 2-3 weeks smaller than I'm supposed to .
.  a nephew turning another year older  .
.  seeing friends that I haven't seen in a while  .
.  Phil on Modern Family  .
.  laughing about horrible mexican food...no hot plates there  .
.  Adele's new cd  .
.  chicago dogs...I know, I shouldn't love a hot dog so much  .
.  lunches that turn into mini baby showers  .
.  strangers coming to my rescue when my car broke down  .
.  not getting hit when my car broke down in the middle of an intersection at night  .
.  turning 33 and the baby turning 33 weeks in the same week  .
.  childbirth class, which we actually liked and seemed to be really helpful  .
.  getting a free (practically brand new) ipod player from a coworker  .
.  flea market purchases and date days with Mr. O  .