Monday, May 31, 2010

I knew it would grow

I'm going to have to add this as number 102 on my life list. 

Multnomah Falls

What a girl wants

Things I'm coveting now.

Happy May Things

Yet another month gone by.  Here are the happy things that occurred in May.

.  successful start to a new job  .
.  giving thanks to my mom for being so great  .
.  lunches with friends  .
.  playtime with nieces and nephews  .
.  new bathing suits on clearance  .
.  anthro-like things at Target  .
.  successful garage sales  .
.  Memorial day celebrations with family  .
.  estate sales  .
.  late night Scrabble games  .
.  trips to the library  .
.  Biggest Loser finale  .
.  becoming a runner (Woot!)  .
.  grilling  .
.  new yoga routines  .
.  freshly groomed dogs  .
.  maple baked beans  .
.  rain showers in the sunshine  .
.  being saved from mother nature's fury  .
.  lending an ear to a friend in need  .
.  cakes in celebration of a great sister-in-law  .
.  Running with Mr. O  .
.  Beers on the back deck  .
.  corn hole games  .
.  spending all day in pajamas  .

Sunday, May 30, 2010

While I'm alive and kicking

I picked up this great little leather bound notebook a few months ago at the flea market.  When I got it home, I thought, "What am I going to do with this?"  Most of my notebooks contain random websites that I'll happen across or products that I want to try or years of old grocery lists or menus that I have made or have wanted to make or movies to see, etc.  Well, leather bound seems kind of permanent. 

One day, not long after I introduced the new notebooks to my mounds of old notebooks, I realized what its use would be.  I would start a bucket list (I hate that terminology, by the way).  Anything and everything that I could think of that I wanted to accomplish while I walk the Earth, I would write in that little book. 

When you write something down or share it with friends, then I think that you have more accountability. These aren't things that I will write and forget about, but are things that I will actually do.  I think we should all have a list of these things, just to remind ourselves that it's never too late to learn or do something new and exciting, especially if life becomes monotonous.  If you don't have one, I suggest you make some time and make one.  Better yet, pick up a leather bound notebook and start to write things that pop into your head, so you don't forget them.  I honestly believe that my list will change my life. 

 Things to do while I'm alive and kicking
(in no particular order)

  1. Complete a 5k
  2. Complete a 1/2 marathon
  3. Take (another) Viking cooking class
  4. Get my master's degree
  5. Have children
  6. Grow a garden
  7. Go to Paris
  8. Take pictures at the Eiffel Tower
  9. Go to Hawaii
  10. Learn to sew and make clothing
  11. Learn to play the guitar
  12. Take a dance class
  13. Go to the Oprah Show
  14. Go on a road trip to multiple states
  15. Deep sea fish in Alaska
  16.  Ride in a hot air balloon
  17. Take a photography class
  18. Watch the sunset in Bali
  19. Cook my way through the Gourmet Cookbook
  20. Learn to speak French fluently
  21. Enter a cooking contest
  22. Own a coffee shop/cafe
  23. Scuba dive
  24. Own a home near the beach
  25. See the Aurora borealis in person
  26. Make pasta from scratch
  27.  Turn down Johnny Depp's request for my hand in marriage (wanted to see if you were still reading!)
  28. Have a drink at a pub in Ireland
  29. Set foot in all fifty states
  30. See a play on Broadway in New York
  31. Have fruit trees in my backyard
  32. Get an acupuncture treatment
  33. Hike in the Redwood National Park in California
  34. Spend the night in a tree house
  35. Make the majority of the gifts I give (at least one year)
  36. Catch lightning bugs in an old jar
  37. Meditate on a beach
  38. Renew our wedding vows on a beach surrounded by family and friends
  39. Throw a kid party for adults
  40. Have a girls only road trip
  41. Eat maple syrup covered pancakes in Vermont
  42. Have a slumber party
  43. Sunbathe naked
  44. See an artist I love in another state
  45. Learn to belly dance
  46. Play in the rain
  47. Have coffee at a cafe in Seattle
  48. Paint a picture
  49. Go on the honeymoon that we didn't get
  50. Take an overnight train ride
  51. Visit the Hot Springs in Iceland
  52. Design and cook in my dream kitchen
  53. Learn to speak Spanish
  54. Zip down a zip line
  55. Go skinny dipping
  56. Take pictures in New Zealand
  57. Sleep under the stars
  58. Have my fortune read
  59. Dress up and go see a ballet
  60. Take a picture a day for a year
  61. Keep a diary for a year
  62. Stay in a cabin in the woods for a week
  63. Be part of a block party
  64. Pay the tab of someone that I don't know
  65. Throw a surprise party
  66. Help a family in need
  67. Get a tattoo
  68. Write a book
  69. Backpack in the Grand Canyon
  70. Be a contestant on a game show
  71. Help build a house
  72. Walk around proudly in a bikini
  73. Take dinner to someone in need
  74. Host an outdoor dinner party
  75. Climb a mountain
  76. Knit something that I actually use
  77. Volunteer at hospice/a nursing home/children's hospital
  78. Be a vegetarian for a week
  79. Go on a cruise
  80. Gamble and win
  81. Walk through Central Park
  82. Win a contest
  83. Ride in a submarine
  84. Eat pizza in Italy
  85. Stay at a Bed and Breakfast
  86. Go for a mile run on the beach
  87. Bike to an unknown location and have a picnic
  88. Attend a stranger's wedding
  89. Visit a volcano
  90. Camp in my backyard
  91. Pay off my mortgage
  92. Pick fresh fruit and make a pie
  93. Have my child/children pick a destination and go there
  94. Stay on an island
  95. Spin a glob, stop it and go to that destination
  96. Become a nurse practitioner or specialized in nursing
  97. Ring in the New Year in a new place
  98. Hike the Inca Trail
  99. Spend a day without computer, television or cell phone
  100. Help someone achieve a goal off of their life list
  101. Read every book written by one author
This list is subject to change and continue to grow.  I'm sure I'll run across things that I will definitely want to do that I have not thought of before, thus my little black book.  Hopefully, I'll start marking things out soon and then adding new things in their place!  Life is too short to wait for things to happen.  We are in control of our destiny. 

Friday, May 21, 2010

More body than legs

I want a jumper/romper so badly.  Unfortunately, I was made with a longer torso, so most of the ones I have tried on, well, let's just say, not the best statement or way to present myself.  Oh well.  One day, I'll get one.

I went to my first Estate sale today.  I felt really badly about walking through someone's house and picking through their things, but I'm sure I'll get used to it.  I plan on going to more.  I got a vintage gold clasp belt and a little leather coin purse for $1.  There was a vintage bowl set that I liked, but I really don't have a place for anymore dishes.  I have serving pieces stashed everywhere.  I need to have a party of some sort to use some them.  Anyone want to come over for a cookout or dinner party?  There was also a dresser that I really liked for future baby O's room, but I didn't have a way to take it home with me.  Oh yeah, I really wanted a vintage alarm clock that was there, but, unfortunately, someone went to ask how much it was when I happened upon it.  Better luck next time.

I spent the entire day shopping, mainly for niece's and nephew's birthdays, but I came home with little, which is good.  I did score some $2.99 Diesel sneakers for my nephew at Goodwill, along with a gold/topaz crystal serving plate (cough *see above* I know, I know, I have a problem).  I picked up some Spyware night vision glasses for my nephew, who's party is Saturday.  They were $18 at Target, but I found them at Ross for $10.  Score!  Check out the outfit for my niece Maddie, who is a budding fashionista.  I swear, if they had it my size, I'd be wearing it too.  That child is going to be very expensive when she is a teenager. 

I'm heading back out to Dickson tomorrow.  Have I told you how much I love working on the weekends?  Sigh.  One day I won't have to, but until then I'll make the best of it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh, but I will

"For everyone who thought I couldn't do it.
For everyone who thought I shouldn't do it.
For everyone who said, "It's impossible."
See you at the finish line." 

-Christopher Reeve

Amen to that, my friend!  These are my sentiments exactly.  Go ahead and tell me that I can't do something and I will be bound and determined, depending on if I want to do it in the first place, to prove you wrong.  In particular, I remember a horrible Calculus teacher in high school, who made her students feel like idiots.  Now, granted, I did make my first D in there and no it's not because I didn't understand Honors Calculus. Math and I have a love-hate relationship.  It was instead because I didn't do my homework, which was randomly graded, nor did I really study it or put in any effort.  Well, I can't remember the exact circumstances, just that something she said to me put a fire under me.  My last six week's grade was an A and I made a 93 on my final exam.  In all honesty, I didn't have to put that much time into it.  Well, she took notice, and pulled me aside in class and asked, why my grades hadn't reflected this the whole year.  I looked at her and in my most your-an-idiot fashion explained to her that I could have made those grades the entire time and that I just didn't put any effort in it and then I told her that it didn't take much effort on my part to get those grades.  The fact that she talked to me as if I were stupid still makes my jaw clench. 

The word, can't, really isn't in vocabulary.  Oh there is no desire and don't care, but can't isn't there.  If you're looking for me, I'll be at the finish line, proving someone wrong.

The choice is yours...don't be late

Well, the days are just slipping away from me again.  I never made my big announcement, but most of you who read this already know what it was anyways.  I started a new job!  I'm now an RN at a much closer hospital and it's going fantastically. So fantastically, in fact, that my first shift on my own is next week.  Talk about, not really.  I'm actually pretty confident that I'll do fine.  You know, it's all about mind over matter.  That idea alone gets me through many things.  You'll be surprised at what you can do if you just tell yourself that you can do it.  I'll still be working the other job too, but it'll be overtime, so it'll be on a "do I want to do this" basis. 

I've been running.  I'm so proud of myself.  It's very satisfying for someone that says, "I'm not a runner," to actually be running, especially in my hill-filled neighborhood.  I went with Mr. O yesterday.  It was even better because he pushed me harder than I push myself.  I ran for longer periods of time.  Half-marathon here I come!

I went to the Public library, yesterday. I love the library!  I'm a dork at heart.  I've been using the Davidson county library for the 6 years that we have lived in Wilson county.  Well, yesterday, I got myself caught, due to the fact that I forgot my pin at the library.  Now, it looks like I have to pay $50 dollars to keep the Davidson county card.  That's a little steep even for such a great library.  I'm very sad.  The librarian did give me a courtesy checkout out of sheer pity.  I think he saw the sadness come over my face.  I checked out two of Michael J. Fox's books.  I find him inspiring and such an incredible example of how things, no matter how bad they seem, do not have to be the end of your whole world.  I also checked out "Alice In Wonderland."  I've been wanting to read it for years. 

Oh, and I also received such an amazing compliment from a patient the other day.  EMS brought in a nice lady and while we were all diligently working and she was being asked a million questions about past history and why she had came to the ER, I was getting her vitals (bp, pulse, etc) and she happened to look over at me and then did a double take and said,  "Aren't you just the prettiest little thing?" and I proceeded to say, "Thank you," and she said, "And you have the most beautiful eyes."  Now, that makes you feel pretty good.  I'm sure my face turned a million shades of red.  I'm not the best at taking a compliment.  

My front room is coming together nicely.  It is so great to be able to change all the hand-me-downs and gifts that weren't really our taste and to buy and put things in our home that are most certainly our taste and make us smile.  I'm starting slowly.  I think after 6 years in our home it is time to make it more of our own.  We go through stages where things are (financially speaking) more important, like hanging out with friends or taking trips or (cough) buying clothes.  I'm finally ready to focus more on the house.  I'm doing so one or two rooms at a time.  Right now, it's our bedroom and our front room.  Eventually, probably around the time we are ready to move, we'll be done, but I guess that's how it usually goes.  Our front room is below.  Doesn't it look fantastic?  Those anthro-inspired pillows are from Target.  I love, love, love them.  Thank you Target for making anthro-inspired things more affordable.  That letter O is finally coated in green and is drying in our garage as I type.  Slowly, but surely, it'll all come together, and I can't wait! 

One day I will write a post again that actually is about the same thing instead of a bunch of ramblings about the happenings in my life.  Hold on to your seats until then, please.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In other random news

I ran 1/4 of our 2+ mile loop in our neighborhood.  I did not get sick.  I made a conscious effort to maintain my breathing, due to the fact that I have a tendency to hold my breath when I work on my fitness.  I am still sore in spots and can tell that running works different muscles than walking.  The front of my thighs and my inner thighs are so sore.  I also worked yesterday, so I'm sure being on my feet at least 11 hours didn't help any.  I am one step closer to that 1/2 marathon in December!

I had my first DOA (dead on arrival) patient at work.  I handled it better than I thought.  It really didn't bother me at all.  It wasn't the most pleasant experience, due to some free-flowing stomach contents, but I'm glad that I can add that to my list of things that I have done.  Have I mentioned that I love my job?  I am so glad that I chose the ER.  It can be completely nerve wracking, yet exhilirating.  I have learned so much.  I learn something new every single day. 

I've been listening to some great music lately.  Check out, Alexi Murdoch, Kate Bush, Richard Ashcroft, Ray LaMontagne, and Phoenix, if you don't already listen to them.  Ah, Ray LaMontagne, that voice, those lyrics, I may just have another celebrity boyfriend.  Speaking of which, my celebrity boyfriend, Pete from Chevelle, was in town last night and I was unable to go because I had to work.  After 12 hours of work and an hour drive home, even seeing Pete's face wasn't enough motivation to get me to go.  Sorry, Pete, let's not break up over this.  It isn't you, it's me.

I am so excited to have Friday off.  It's the first Friday I've had off  in like five weeks.  If there are any yard sales, I'm going to go.  I'm on the hunt for a few things for myself, but with Mother's Day this weekend, I also need to find a gift for my mom.  She wants some antique things for her kitchen.  I'm going to hunt them down and if that fails, it's off to TJ Maxx/HomeGoods for her gift!

Speaking of yard sales, we're having one May 15th. It's our neighborhood yard sale.  We always are slammed and my mom, sister and I are using the proceeds to put toward our Florida trip.  I can not wait to go to beach!

I am not bragging here, but I've lost more weight.  I'm actually getting a little concerned.  I am eating way better and I've almost completely cut out high fructose corn syrup and other highly processed foods.  I've started working out more.  I am hoping that all of these things have factored in to make it happen.  In the back of mind, I'm thinking of all the things that unintentional weight loss can be and they are not good.  Thanks nursing degree for that!  I can't even enjoy being healthier.

I have still not planted a garden. Is it too late?  I'm glad I didn't though.  The flooding would have ruined it.  I think I do need a trip to the farmer's market to pick up some things.

I'm sure there are more things that I haven't written, but I'm off to watch Biggest Loser!  Little tv excites me anymore, but this show still does.

Why don't you put it on a blog

I've been meaning to write for days, but I just haven't gotten around to it.  First off, we survived the floods that happened in Nashville over the weekend.  The crazy thing is at least 30 people did not.  That is so sad and unbelievable.  It is truly mind-blowing that we can be 5 minutes down the road from people who's houses are half way under water.  I am so grateful.  Not making light of the situation, but I told Aaron that we should use our house on the hill as a marketing strategy, instead of hinderence, when we try to sell it.  I distinctly remember our realtor repeatedly asking if we were sure about the house, especially because of our steep driveway and the hill.  Oh, I was sure then, but I'm really sure now. 

You better believe when we buy a house the next time, I will remember this and take note of rivers, ponds, and any water way near by.  Speaking of ponds, our neighbors who live around the pond at the front of our neighborhood had water up to their houses and covering their air units.  I am so glad that we did not choose one of those houses too!

My friend, Angie, was supposed to move into her first house on Monday, but her house is the neighborhood that flooded in Old Hickory.  It is only accessible by boat.  I'm not sure what you do in a situation like that.  Obviously, they've already closed on the house.  It just seems incredibly unfair.  As soon as she is allowed or able to get back into the neighborhood, I'm planning on helping if she needs it.  I may recruit some of you to lend a helping hand too. 

Here's what we saw from our house on Sunday.  We had no idea of the devastation until we turned on the news.  We just knew that our neighborhood had never been like this before. 

Again, not to make light of the situation, but I am also saddened by the fact that my Target has flooded as well. I love that Target.  I hope that it reopens sooner rather than later, but I'm sure our bank account will be happy. 

There are devastating pictures out there.  They make my heart hurt.  I'm sending out some healing vibes to those affected.  I'm glad my family, most of friends, and Mr. O and myself were spared.  Lesson learned, don't mess with Mother Nature.