Monday, December 5, 2011

Capturing a moment

I found this picture today when looking for another one.  It's from Aaron's iPhone.  It's the first time that I had ever seen it.  Now, it's quite possibly my favorite picture ever.  I can't believe it's been 6 1/2 months since it was taken. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011


It seems like this year has been a whirlwind, but one full of blessings and so much learning and growing for myself and our little family.  Today, on Thanksgiving, and on every other day of the year I am completely grateful for this little life of mine and everything that touches it.
I am grateful for my wonderful husband.  He makes me laugh like no other and stills sends tingles down to my toes with just a look.  He's pretty easy on the eyes too.  I feel like we started out as babies all those years ago and now look at us and everything that we have learned almost 11 years later.  I'm glad he chose me to walk along beside him.   

I am so thankful for a happy, healthy, adorable little girl.  She has one spunky little attitude.  She's learning so much and at such a fast rate.  I am just amazed to watch her discover the world around her.  She truly was an answering to many prayers and tears.  She is definitely our little miracle and I'm proud to be her momma.

I am grateful for my friends and family, who have taught me, cried with me, cheered me up, and made me laugh. Life would be nothing without the people who touch it.  So, if you are reading this, thanks for anything and everything you do to brighten this place up.  :)

I am blessed to have a roof over my head, a job I enjoy, coworkers, who make even the bad days worth it, food in my belly, a car to get me from point A to point B, clothes in my closet, access to health care and medicine, access to education with the ability to learn, enough money in our bank account to provide us with the things we need and a bed to lay my weary head on at night.

I am pretty much grateful for anything and everything, even the bad things that have taught me something new.

On a less serious note, I am grateful for pumpkin pie or really any pie, pancakes, being able to make baby food, sweaters, boots, Nola's headbands, bananas, peanut butter, tights, Top Chef, date nights, skinny jeans, clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, holidays were you just eat for days, music, Pandora, Christmas trees and music, ice cream, iPhones, texting, internet, Pinterest, toys that keep a little girl entertained, my array of cookbooks, houseshoes, comfortable pjs, eyeliner, clean sheets, food trucks, long weekend vacations, tutus on little girls, cameras to capture little moments, coffee, coupons, cool fall nights, and long enough hair to wear in a bun.

Hope each of you has had a happy Thanksgiving filled with happiness, warmth and plenty of food!  I can't wait to get my eating on for the next two days!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You gonna eat that cornbread?

I've been a busy bee in the kitchen this week. With Thanksgiving around the corner, I'm sure the trend will continue. After weeks of having take out and processed crap creep into our house and into our mouths, I'm finally getting my groove back in the kitchen. This whole mother thing is no joke. They'll be a separate blog post on that one. I'll do us all a favor and save the whining for now.

Not only have I made some delicious meals this week for myself and Mr. O, but our fridge is stocked full of yummy fresh ingredients, some of which will be used on Thanksgiving, and I've also made our little Nola girl some baby food! Yes, I'm high-fiving myself right now because I am that cool.

On the dinner front, I've made a pumpkin, barley and sausage soup, a classic pot roast cooked with potatoes, carrots, and celery with sautéed brussel sprouts on the side, eggplant ratatouille served with a fried egg on top and whole wheat French bread for dipping and spaghetti with the sauce I have spent years perfecting. Sometime in the midst of all the Thanksgiving feasting, I'll be making chicken breasts wrapped in prosciutto and sage with maple carrots and a salad on the side, a tamale pie, and whatever my hot husband wants for his birthday meal.

For Thanksgiving on the O side of the celebration, I'll be making roasted brussel sprouts with apples and bacon, cranberry salsa, and pumpkin bread with pecan filling. On my family's side, I'll be making the cranberry salsa, the same pumpkin bread and carrot souffle. Have I mentioned how much I love this holiday? I'll be working on the actual day of Thanksgiving, so think of me while your stuffing your faces and also keep these things in mind, if you are frying a turkey be very careful, watch your fingers while chopping any vegetables, be very careful and enlist help with lifting your turkey out of the oven with all of it's hot juices, and if you are outside playing with your family watch out for holes, hills, and other people because you do not want to be visiting me at work or any other ER employee on the day of feasting!

Finally, for my little love bug, I made three foods, sweet potatoes with a dash of cinnamon, sautéed zucchini with Yukon gold potatoes with a little cilantro mixed in (this one is a little slimy in consistency, so I'm not sure how it will go over. Better luck next time, $7.00 organic zucchinis) and puréed apples that I baked stuffed with prunes and sprinkled with cinnamon. I'm kind of hoping she won't like the apple one because that sh*t is delicious! Just upping my street cred by dropping words that need to be bleeped in a paragraph about baby food making. :)

Obviously, I'm tired. I should be sleeping with my snoring husband. Leave a comment if you want any of the recipes, I'd be happy to share. Ooh, and tell me about any fabulous things you are making for the holidays. My vault of recipes could always use more.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Shortening a month into a week

So, my whole monthly posts on all the good things that happen have kind of gone out the window, since Nola is here now.  To be honest, I was always having to go look at my calendar to see everything that happened in one month.  I found myself forgetting to mention great things that would happen too.  So, I needed a solution.

I've decided to switch from monthly posts to weekly posts.  That way, I don't forget anything and, if all goes well, I should have at least one post a week.

So, here's all the great things that happened last week.

.  Nola's temp finally breaking and seeing that girl's energy come back  .
.  visits at work from Mr. O & the girl  .
.  walking the greenway with Jessica and Layla  .
.  good news from Nola's renal ultrasound at Vanderbilt  .
.  getting in my car that was on empty to find a full tank of gas  .
.  safe travel to Gatlinburg  .
.  a great sister-in-law who watched our house and dogs  .
.  buckeyes  and pecan logs  .
.  warmth from a fireplace  .
.  Nola laughs .
.  bear stories  at candy stores  .
.  games of Last Word (Worst birthday ever!)  .
.  first family hikes  .
.  grilled steaks and great salads .
.  afternoon coffee stops  .
.  dancing bears  .
.  seeing B hold a baby  .
.  great times with good friends  .
.  The Next Iron Chef  .

Hello, food. Goodbye, good smelling poop.

Yes, that's right, Nola is eating food now.  She's been eating organic brown rice cereal.  That child loves it.  Seriously, it's like she was starving.  I bought the things to make her some sweet potato food, prune and apple, and some zucchini and potato baby food.  I may not have stuck with the whole cloth diaper thing, but I'm making her food dang it!  Here are some pics of her enjoying her first meal.

Big girl in her high chair for the first time.

Hmm, food.

Unsure about this whole food thing.

She loved it!

Gatlinburg 2011

Last year, we spent the weekend of Halloween with our friends, Bridget and Derrick, and another couple in Gatlinburg.  We actually told them we were pregnant that weekend.  We decided to keep the tradition and go again this year.  This time without the expecting announcement and, instead, an almost 6 month old in tow.

We rented the same cabin from last year, which is awesome.  Aaron and I had the whole first floor because of rooming with a baby.  Initially, we were worried because neither B or D or Derek and Sarah have kids.  Kids are still a few years off for them (Right, B?  Rice Baby 2012).  Let me just say though, our Nola girl was a rockstar.  Minus one major breakdown at breakfast on our way out of Gatlinburg, due to the fact that it was naptime, she was amazing!  Sarah kept saying, "I can't believe what a good baby she is."  Way to represent, Nola!  We even went on 2.2 mile hike.  That would be one way, folks.  She smiled, slept and cooed the entire time.

I'm hoping this remains a tradition.  Maybe next year, we'll have another announcement or someone else will.  Maybe we'll go sans baby.  Who knows?  What I do know is it's nice to get away for a long weekend with great friends.

Hanging out at the cabin

Improvising bath time at the cabin.  Yes, I cleaned the sink beforehand!

This girl loves a bath now.

B with her walking stick

Tuckered out before we even started.

D with his big stick


First family hike.

Two of my favorite people

Uncle D and Nola.

Me and my mans.

The girls.

The boys.

B & D.

Derek & Sarah


Cutest baby ever!

Strolling around Gatlinburg.

Nola & her daddy.

Aunt B & Nola

One deck at the cabin.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nola's world: month 4

I am doing horribly about updating Nola's baby book.  I decided that this month I would document it here, so I don't forget anything before I get around to writing it all down. 

Nola just turned 5 months yesterday.  Seriously.  She's almost half a year old.  How did that happen?  I'm not biased or anything, but she is absolutely adorable and a (sometimes evil) little genius.  Here are some things that rocked her world over the last month.

What she's doing:
  • Giving kisses.  So stinkin' cute.  I love the open mouthed, slobbery kisses, so much cuter than my ex-boyfriend, but that's a different story.
  • Dropping toys on purpose.  She thinks it's funny.  I find it quite annoying.  On more than one occasion, we've been those parents that are frantically walking around a store looking for her dropped favorite toys. 
  • Laughing at being tickled.  Being tickled used to give her this surprised wide-eye look that immediately went into a cry.  Now, she gets it and thinks it's hilarious.  Her laugh can change an entire day for me.
  • Hating shoes.  She'll come around.  She tries her best to kick those things off and she gets mad!  In the back seat on the way to meet my friend (Shout out to Esther!) for lunch and shopping, I could hear her rubbing her little moccasins together (Yes, she has moccasins.  I die.) trying to get them off.  She's ridiculous.
  • Smiling at clothes.  I know which ones to buy because her face lights up.  Mr. O's wallet is in trouble.  Two girls that love to shop.  She's my little partner in crime.
  • Finally, enjoying her baths.  She just discovered with the help of her momma that she can splash.  It's really cute now.  I'm sure it won't be so cute when she's like one.
  • Sleeping on her belly.  We finally feel comfortable letting her do this because she can turn her head.  She sleeps so much better than before. 
  • Sitting up with help.  She will sit up for like 10 seconds and then fall.  I've been working with her.
  • Rolling from her stomach to back.  She's only done it twice, but we "practice" it a lot.
  • Still sleeping in our room.  I know, I know, we need to move her to her room, but I just can't yet.
  • Loving some books.  We've started reading at least two stories at night before she goes to bed.
  • Chewing on her hands and everything else that gets close to her mouth.  I don't think she's teething, but she constantly chews on things.  A few weeks ago I was looking in the rear view mirror and her head was down.  I realized that she was chewing on the chest strap of her car seat.  Strange little thing that one.
  • Grabbing her feet.
What she's loving:
  • Sophie the giraffe.
  • Gina the Giraffe from Great Britain.
  • When we talk in accents with her toys.  Yes, all of her toys are from different countries.  We are dorks, but it gets lots of smiles.
  • Little kids.  She loves some little people!  When I drop her off at daycare, I'm standing in the doorway waving bye and she's smiling at all the little kids and not paying a bit attention to me.  This makes me so happy.  It's easier to drop her off with those smiles.  She especially loves Hayden, who now calls me his aunt-mom, and Brice.
  • Mirrors.  That child lights up when she sees herself.  That, along with everyone in the world telling her she's beautiful, I tell her all the time that it's good to be cute, but it's even better to be smart, nice to people and a good girl.
  • Bath time and splashing.
  • Shopping with me.
  • Talking in her baby language.  Melt my heart.  If only, we knew what she was saying.
  • Being outside.  This girl is an outside kind of girl.  She can't stop looking at everything.
  • Her nana and my sister.  She loves both of them. My sister makes her laugh so hard.  That's because she acts like she's five years old.
  • Sophie.  As in, our dog.  She is now okay with touching her too. 
Things she's not loving:
  • Sleeping.  She hates naps and going to sleep.
  • Being confined for too long.  She loves her car seat, stroller, and bumbo for about 30 minutes and then she wants to move around.
  • Being sick.  She had her first cold last week.  It was pitiful.  I hated it more than her, but she was fussy and clingy all week.  She's all better now.
  • Her swing.  I know, she used to love it!  Now, she gets mad because she starts falling asleep pretty quickly in it. 
  • Diaper changes and when her diaper is wet/dirty.  Yes, these contradict each other.  She cries when it's dirty and then cries again when you lay her down to change her. 
  • The snot sucking thingy.  This was horrible.  She screamed like I was killing her, but then she was able to breathe, so worth it in the end.
  • When her mom cuts her with the nail clippers.  Yes, I did this.  I cried harder than her.  We were both hysterical.  Did I mention it bleed for 45 minutes?  I thought for sure we were going to have to go to a walk in clinic.  Did I also mention that Aaron had to go get a first aid kit because we didn't have one?  Nurse fail.  Mom fail.  Overall fail.
  • Having her picture taken.  Let's face it, the camera is constantly in her face.  I think it's the flash more than anything that gets on her nerves.  I'm sure she knows what it feels like to be stalked by paparazzi.  Paparazzi of one, right here.
  • Nola girl.  Monkey.  Love Bug.  Sweet or baby girl.  Nolie Poly.  Angry bird.
Cuteness overload:


The little family that could

Yes, I had started the last post forever ago and just now published it.  I will get a handle on this blog/mom/life thing.  It's crazy how fast a day can go by and then I look around and think, "What the heck have I done today!?" 

It's killing me that I can't keep my house spotless, but I've come up with a plan.  I've decided to focus on just one room a day on the days I don't work to clean.  I'm still going to have my mom come over one day and watch Nola, so that I can clean for a few hours.  I hate when things are messy.  Chaos is not good for me.  Just ask the panic attacks that are trying to sneak back into my life.  Great.

I love my job and all.  It's great that Nola only has to go to daycare two days a week, but working 10a-10p (or lately 10:30) means that on those days I can't get anything done.  I wake up at 6:30 and have just enough time to shower and get myself ready, feed and get Nola ready, walk the dogs, load up my car, and eat breakfast, so that I can walk out the door at 8:35.  Time is a blur on those mornings.  I usually don't get home from work until 10:45 or 11:00 at night, depending on when I actually get to leave, so I try to wind down and end up in bed around 12:00.   I do enjoy my job and it does pay the bills. 

Also, I miss my husband.  It's crazy we live in the same house, but basically see each other after 8:00p on Monday and Wednesday and on Friday nights.  I hate that our schedules are opposite of each other, but our Nola girl is getting a lot of our attention, so that's better for her.  Okay, enough complaining.  Moving on.

Regardless of everything above, life is pretty good in the O house.  Nola is thriving and we're surviving.  I managed to cook two nights this week so far.  Holla!  It's nice to have Roasted Vegetable Lasagna and Sweet Potato and Hominy Soup leftovers in the fridge right now.  The little love bug is sleeping pretty well at night and has been for a good little while now.  We're working on her screaming her head off when try to put her down.  She is so stubborn.  I see the teen-aged years and I'm petrified.

I need to update with some pictures.  So much as happened over the last month.  I'll try my best to do some more updates this week.  In the words of a famous train, "I think I can, I think I can."

Hello, Fall!

Finally, fall is here.  Summer seemed like it was 3 seconds long.  I'm always ready for fall though, no matter how fast or slow it seems to get here.  Here are some things I'm looking forward and some that I'm not so much looking forward  to.

halloween.  changing leaves.  the return of some favorite tv shows:  top chef, grey's, parenthood.  the opening of the new container store in green hills.  the chill in the night air.  fall clothes.  boots.  chili and soup.  thanksgiving.  layering.  seeing nola discover new things.  pumpkin everything.  nutmeg scent back at bath and body works.  christmas shopping.  the return of my houseshoes and sleep pants.  tights.  buying nola fall clothes.  horror films coming out in the theater.  Aaron's birthday.  pumpkin carving party (not sure if we're going to do this again, but it was fun last year).  opening up the windows.  going to gatlinburg again with b and d.  going for walks now that it's cooled down.  fall garage sale as long as it does well for us.  encores and more fall sale.  hiking.  nola's six month pictures.  family pictures at my mom's work. 
Not exciting.
nola starting daycare.  flu season (go get your flu shots, people).  having to work on thanksgiving.  freezing at work.  aaron's fall semester at school.  allergies. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

10 Day you challenge - The Finale

Who actually needs to do these every day? Apparently, not this girl. You see this is why I don't have set posts each week. I'm just going to finish them all up now.  The week in Florida messed everything up.

Six places could go a lot of different ways. I decided to choose six places that have a lot of meaning to me.

six places

Our House. Though I complain to Aaron about it all the time and look at houses constantly on Real Tracs, it will always be the place of so many firsts and a place filled with so much love. I know when I leave I'm going to cry like a baby. It was our first house, we got our dogs here, painted together and decorated together, we brought our baby to this home, etc.

The library. I don't go that often anymore because nursing school ruined books for me, but it still holds a dear place in my heart. It's probably because my mom started taking me to story hour when I was a toddler. Also, I love the smell of a good book and the weight of it in my hand. Reading is where it is at.

My great-grandmother's house. Ah, the original Nola. She's long since passed away and her house was sold a long time ago. So many things remind me of it. I still remember the way it smells. I think of it fondly often. We usually only went to visit on holidays because her house was about two hours away from us. I remember playing with spools (she saved them so that we could build things with them), watching the Thanksgiving or Christmas parades on tv, swinging on her porch swing, feeling big because my parents would let us go to the small little market across the street to get candy, sitting on her red stool in the kitchen "helping" her cook, cooked apples, her pantry full of things she canned, and opening gifts.

Hawaii, France, Ireland and New Zealand. As Tina Fey would say, "I want to go to there." Technically, four places, but these are places that I hope to go in this lifetime. If I get to just one of them, I will be a happy girl.

The North Pole. I'm not even kidding, folks. Yes, I know it doesn't exist. I'm telling you, Christmas was almost ruined because I found out Santa wasn't real. I mean I was DEVASTATED. I love the idea of it. I wish it were real. Think of how magical it would be.

The Beach. Give me a beach, any beach and I would be happy. They make the best vacations. I'm going to one tomorrow. Word.  (Obviously, I started this post in Florida).

five foods

You know with me being a huge fan of cooking and food, this could go a million different ways.  I chose, my last meal.  If I knew I could only eat one last meal or was an inmate on death row, this would be what I would request.

Meatloaf, fried okra, carrot souffle, vanilla ice cream, and bread pudding.

four books

What does it say about a person when their favorite books are about crazy people?  Don't answer that.  I decided to put two of my favorite books and two books that I want to read.


The Bell Jar and The Catcher in the Rye

Soon to Read:

Eat, Pray, Love and The Memory Keeper's Daughter.  Yes, I'm a little behind the times.

three films

Easy peasy.  Three of my all time favorites.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Shaun of the Dead, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

two songs

This is probably the hardest category.  I love music.  I'll just put two songs I'm loving right now.

Pumped Up Kicks (Foster the People) and Party Rock Anthem (LMFAO).  Yes, I'm serious.  Don't judge me.  It's funny.  I hardly listen to the radio (Thank you, Pandora and ipod!), but both of these are getting major play now.

one picture

I really wish I had gotten a picture of myself when Aaron and I went to our friend, Lea's, wedding last weekend.  I have been dying for an occasion to wear the vintage dress that I picked up at Goodwill.  I loved, loved, that outfit.  I have hardly any recent pictures of myself and very few without another person in them.  Here is a picture of us taken in Florida. Ignore my post baby body, please.

Friday, September 2, 2011

10 Day you Challenge - Day 6

Who actually needs to do these every day?  Apparently, not this girl.  You see this is why I don't have set posts each week. Six places could go a lot of different ways. I decided to choose six places that have a lot of meaning to me.

six places

  1. Our House.  Though I complain to Aaron about it all the time and look at houses constantly on Real Tracs, it will always be the place of so many firsts and a place filled with so much love.  I know when I leave I'm going to cry like a baby.  It was our first house, we got our dogs here, painted together and decorated together, we brought our baby to this home, etc.   
  2. The library.  I don't go that often anymore because nursing school ruined books for me, but it still holds a dear place in my heart.  It's probably because my mom started taking me to story hour when I was a toddler.  Also, I love the smell of a good book and the weight of it in my hand.  Reading is where it is at. 
  3. My great-grandmother's house.  Ah, the original Nola.  She's long since passed away and her house was sold a long time ago.  So many things remind me of it.  I still remember the way it smells.  I think of it fondly often.  We usually only went to visit on holidays because her house was about two hours away from us.  I remember playing with spools (she saved them so that we could build things with them), watching the Thanksgiving or Christmas parades on tv, swinging on her porch swing, feeling big because my parents would let us go to the small little market across the street to get candy, sitting on her red stool in the kitchen "helping" her cook, cooked apples, her pantry full of things she canned, and opening gifts. 
  4. Hawaii, France, Ireland & New Zealand.  As Tina Fey would say, "I want to go to there."  Technically, four places, but these are places that I hope to go in this lifetime.  If I get to just one of them, I will be a happy girl.    
  5. The North Pole. I'm not even kidding, folks.  Yes, I know it doesn't exist.  I'm telling you, Christmas was almost ruined because I found out Santa wasn't real.  I mean I was DEVASTATED.  I love the idea of it.  I wish it were real.  Think of how magical it would be.
  6. The Beach.  Give me a beach, any beach and I would be happy.  They make the best vacations.  I'm going to one tomorrow.  Word. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

10 Day you challenge - Day 7

Perhaps the easiest of them all!
seven wants
  1. Not to have to go back to work.  This isn't going to happen.  I don't want to be a stay at home mom.  I need some outlet, but the thought of working 12 hour days and missing a whole day of Nola's life makes me very sad.  So much happens so quickly when they are this little.
  2. Fall clothes.  Yes, please. 
  3. A better or renovated kitchen.  I hate galley kitchens.  I will never have one again.  I need space when people come over.  Also, I need a lot more cabinet space.  I have way too many kitchen gadgets, pans, etc.  My kitchen stifles me.
  4. Another date night.  I'm sure we'll get one when we're in Florida. 
  5. Fall.  I'm over summer.  Bring on the chill, please. 
  6. A better camera.  Maybe a Nikon?   
  7. A safe and nice flight to Florida.  We're leaving on Tuesday evening.  I pray nothing happens and Nola is really good.  We went to the Flea Market all day on Friday and she was an angel, so more of that please.  It's only an hour and a half flight, so fingers crossed. 

10 Day you challenge - day 8

Whoops!  Yesterday was my mom's birthday celebration, which was held at our house.  Here is day eight of the challenge, a day late. 
eight fears
  1. Mr. O dying before me.  Seriously, this disturbs me to the core.  Hopefully, we both have long lives in front of us.
  2. Clowns.  I never liked them and then I read Stephen King's IT when I was in the fifth grade.  I remember thinking, "I knew I was right about them!" 
  3. Roller Coasters.  I would love to ride them, but my body goes straight into panic attack.  Shaking so violent that I can't control it.  In fact, I have no control over myself when I try to ride them.  My hands grip the bar and I can't make them let go until we stop. 
  4. Something happening to Nola.  Good grief, no one tells you how much you'll worry about them.  I'm not obsessive, but so many things could happen.  She slept for eight hours on Friday night and I sat straight up and immediately checked if she was breathing.
  5. Someone breaking into our house, while we're sleeping. Thank you, Cold Case Files. 
  6. Going bald when I'm older.  Seriously, bald is never cute unless you're a dude.
  7. Getting Alzheimer's.  I see it all the time at work.  No one should get it. It's horrible.
  8. Some of the psych patients at work.  I am notorious for getting psych patients.  Every one at works knows it and there have been a few that have absolutely scared the bejesus out of me.  You can't control or predict crazy. I've seen some crazy things.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

This & That

Here's a whole bunch of random things for you.  I started this post last night when I couldn't go to sleep, but I did it on my blog ap, but I didn't post it, so I lost it all.  Thank you for that, iPhone.  You are so awesome sometimes.

Debbie Downer alert!  I found out last night that one of the girls that I graduated with died this past spring.  I didn't really know her, but she seemed nice.  Nothing makes you think of your mortality like hearing about someone your age that died.  She had melanoma, which reminds me that I've had a questionable mole for ever and keep putting off going to have it checked out.  I think it's time to make that appointment now.  On a side note, tanning beds are horrible.  Think of how often high school students go to them.  It's melanoma waiting to happen.  Plus, I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but when starting an iv on a high schooler with really tough skin, I ask them if tan a lot because I can tell from how tough their skin is when I try to stick them.

Speaking of high school, I watched part of an episode of My So Called Life the other day.  I used to love that show. I mean, do-multiple-skits-for-speech-and-drama-watch-every-episode-a-million-times-from-my-own-personal-copy-that-I-recorded-off-of-tv loved it.  I watched it when it was ABC and not MTV.  Yes, I was an original lover of the show.  Well, let's say that you know you have grown up a lot, when you watch a show that you absolutely used to love, only to realize it's not that good at all.  It was boring slow, dark, and just kind of depressing.  If it hadn't been for Jared Leto, I might have changed the channel after a few minutes.  He bought my watching the show about 15 more minutes.  Who doesn't love a little Jordan Catalano eye candy?  For those who want their fix, it's on the Sundance channel on Comcast.  That's for you, B whoever wants to watch it.

I now have to work every other weekend again.  I'm so bummed about it.  I guess you can't ask to have two days a week off because your husband is in school without having some consequence.  I love my job, but the thought of every other weekend and 10a-10p shifts makes me sick.  I'm sending some positive energy out to have a fix for this situation. Time will tell if it happens or not.

Yesterday morning, my ipod player started playing on it's own in Nola's room.  Talk about being freaked out.  Luckily, Aaron was still here, so he walked around the house with a baseball bat looking for an intruder.  It was probably pretty funny from the outside, not from the inside. 

Every time something out of the ordinary happens, I think maybe my dad is behind it.  If you knew him, he was a major prankster.  I find myself saying in my head, "Very funny, dad."  Aaron has even said, "That's enough, Billy," before on an occasion where weird things happened all day.

Speaking of ghosts, they say kids can see them.  Well, I kind of believe that they see something because Nola will be looking up at nothing at all and start smiling and kicking her legs like something is there.  It kind of freaks me out.  Very funny, dad.

We're leaving for Florida next week.  I still need to call customer service to find out about baby things, like strollers, bringing her car seat, etc.  I am clueless.  I know we have to take tons of stuff for such a little person. I've made a list and it's hella long.  What a little diva! 

Also, we're boarding the dogs.  It's going to be like $300.  Anyone want two dogs?  One is playful and disobedient marches to the beat of her own drummer.  The other one is old and crotchety wise and full of personality.  I'll be honest on Molly.  She's the weirdest and most frustrating dog that I have ever owned and I had many a dog growing up.  Going once, going twice....

That's it and that's all for now.


10 day you challenge - Day 9

nine loves
  1. Mr. O & Nola.  Duh.  Package deal with those two.
  2. All things cooking.  Shows, recipes, cookbooks, etc.
  3. Fashion.
  4. Flea Markets.
  5. Beach vacations.
  6. Coffee.
  7. More than 4 hour stretches of sleep.
  8. Horror films.  I'm becoming more of a wimp the older I get though.
  9. Finding a good deal.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sneak preview

We did a little more in Nola's nursery.  Here's a little preview.  Hopefully, we'll have it done before I go back to work.  That's our goal. 

*  We hung the lanterns and poofs this weekend.  Ignore the bin where I'm packing away things already  *

* Craptastic photo alert!  If you can see anything, this is the curtain Aaron's mom made.  It's really pretty in person  *

*  dresser and changing area  *

*  Up close of the bedding that Mr. O's mom made for Nola  *

*  Crazy hair enjoying her new mobile.  Plus, up close of the inside fabric of the bedding  *

*  Bonus photo:  Our little hoarder this morning  *

10 Day you challenge

I saw this on a couple of other blogs and usually I don't really like posts like this or regular weekly posts because I like to mix it up, but I think this will keep me accountable to blogging for at least the next 10 days.  So enjoy!

ten secrets
  1. Every time I hear this song, I think of the day I had Nola and of Mr. O.  It was one of the songs on my labor playlist, but the lyrics are so perfect both.  Nola lyrics:  Yours is the first face that I saw.  I think I was blind before I met you.  I don't know where I am.  I don't know where I've been, but I know where I want to go.  Mr. O lyrics:  This is the first day of my life, I'm glad I didn't die before I met you.  But now I don't care I could go anywhere with you.  And I'd probably be happy...and.....But I realized that I need you. And I wondered if I could come home.
  2. I would like to just once take a shower without hearing crying through all or most of it.  The shower used to be my thinking place and I miss it.
  3. If I could do anything without the fear of going bankrupt, I would quit my job and open up a cafe/coffee house.  It would be in an old house with different rooms and the food would be fantastic. 
  4. I applied for a Cancer Research Nurse position at Vanderbilt.  I haven't heard anything, in like a month, so I'm not sure if I should just give up on it.  I have a friend that told me it took about 3 months for her to get hired on though.  I'm keeping hope alive! For those that know me, this is my dream job.
  5. For about a week, I thought I was pregnant again.  Seriously.  I gained two pounds and my stomach is no longer as flat as it was a month ago.  I also kept getting dizzy spells, which was exactly what I did in the beginning with Nola.  I also spotted for a day.  No, I didn't take a test.  I'm just assuming I was wrong and paranoid about getting pregnant again.  The weight gain is from the large quantities of ice cream and sugar that I've been eating.  Case in point, on Monday, I had a two Reese's peanut butter cups, a nutty buddy, and a gelati from Rita's.  I'm craving Dr. Pepper again.  It's in my head, it's in my head, it's in my head...
  6. Sometimes, I'm with my family and I think, how did I come from them?  Wrong, yes, but if you know my family, you know there are about a million differences between us.  I love them dearly, but how I became me is baffling when you compare us.
  7. Once in high school, I was humming a song and tapping my foot in class, only to realize that it was Sally the Camel from Barney.  In my defense, I used to babysit my cousins a lot.
  8. I may have just taken a break from writing this to do a little dance to Yo Gabba Gabba for Nola.
  9. Aaron and I want to go to Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary, which is next year.  Hopefully, it really happens!
  10. I'm in desperate need for a girl's night or lunch or just some grown up girl chatting.  Feel sorry for me and ask me out.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Kids don't know how lucky they are

Don't even get me started on school supplies.  Those lucky little ducks.  That's a whole other entry because I love me some school supplies, see here.  The main reason they are lucky are new school clothes.  What I wouldn't give to have a reason to get an entire new wardrobe.  Kids take their back to school clothes for granted.  After school is over and you're paying for your own things, don't expect to get a closet full of new clothes at the start of every late summer/early fall. 

Now, as I got older, I didn't take the school clothes for granted.  In fact, I bought most of my clothes myself, beginning in junior high.  I felt bad asking my parents to pay for my clothes, especially when they were expensive.  I remember trying to get the most for my money.  Maybe that's when my thrifty ways began.

I still look forward to the August and September issues of fashion magazines.  They are always the best.  I may have been sporting Jncos (which were hella expensive for a high school student on a crappy job income to buy), but I was still reading up on Vogue, Seventeen, and Elle come August and September. 

Maybe that's part of the reason that I love fall so much.  There is a newness in the air, not to mention that nice cool breeze that takes the horrendous summer heat away.  I can't wait for fall fashion season.  You better believe that I'll be propped up, probably while feeding the child, scanning those magazines for ideas and, of course, reading some fashion blogs. 

As part of the make-the-transition-back-to-work-go-smoothly, I've already told Aaron that I'm buying some new scrubs to wear and I ordered this lunch box.  That, my friends, comforts my heart a little bit.  See, old habits die hard, but I'm okay with that.

Friday, August 19, 2011


Nola Gray is three months old!  It's hard to believe that I've been home that long.  My return to work is looming around the corner, three weeks from yesterday to be exact.  That makes me sad.  I'm going to savor every moment until then. 

Here are some things that are going on in Nola's world right now.
  • Until the last two nights for almost two weeks, she's been sleeping 5-7 hours at night, beginning somewhere between 10:00-11:30.  The last two nights have been rough. I think she must be going through a growth spurt because she wants to nurse more during the day too.
  • She laughed out loud last week.  It was the most awesome thing ever!   Of course, it was Mr. O that got her to do it.  It was great because we were at my nephew's birthday party, so my family got to hear it too.  We scared her because we all screamed out in delight and she looked at us like we were crazy. 
  • She's been napping about 2-3 hrs in the morning, except this morning *sigh* and then takes two shorter naps in the afternoon/evening.  I've been working hard to get a schedule down before I go back to work.
  • She's holding toys now.  It's cute.  She doesn't want to let them go.  Her favorite is a toy cell phone that my mom got her. 
  • She started pulling hair yesterday.  Luckily, it was her own.  She had a death grip on it though. I had to pry her hand away.  Can't wait until it's my own hair, which reminds me, I need to cut all my hair off and watch out when I wear earrings.
  • Bath time is getting better.  She hated it at first.  I even got a few smiles from her in the last bath. 
  • I've started packing away clothes.  How sad is that?  Newborns and some of her smaller 0-3 months are too small now. 
  • I took her measurements this morning and got just shy of 24 inches in height, a little over 15 inches for head circumference, and 13.5 pounds in weight.  FYI, she's tall, average weight, and has a small head with an extremely large brain.  :)
  • She no longer takes a paci.  Yep, she just wants me to pacifier her.  That is frustrating.  I guess I should be grateful that I won't have to break paci habits later.
  • She is talking a lot.  Baby babble is adorable.  It's funny because she'll get louder and louder, like why can't you understand what I'm saying.  
  • She's a momma's girl right now.  We'll see if that changes when I go back to work.  Right now, she's all about me, which is so great and exhausting at the same time.
  • Her eyes are still blue.  We know they are going to be lighter because they lightened, but whether they'll be blue, green, hazel or light brown is still up in the air.  My mom said my eyes stayed blue until I was two and then went hazel.  I hope we don't have to wait that long to find out her true color.
  • She finally likes her play gym/mat.  Thank you, Misty!  She'll talk her baby babble and kick her legs and arms for around 15 minutes or so before getting restless.  She also will grab one of the toys that hang down and just lay there holding it. 
  • She's absolutely adorable.  See below.