Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hey, Santa!

Can you believe Christmas is around the corner?  I'm so far behind on Christmas shopping.  That's my next priority after Aaron's parents visit.  I can't wait to put up our tree, which will probably be while his parents are still here.

On Thursday, I did go shopping for Aaron's and his sister's birthday gifts and I ended up buying most of Aaron's Christmas gifts.  He is so picky, but I somehow lucked out.  Thank you, T.J. Maxx and Sears! 

He hasn't read my blog in months, so hopefully he doesn't now.  I ended up getting him a tape measure (don't worry he asked for it), a shirt and zip up gray DKNY sweater for his birthday.  And for Christmas, I got him a really awesome plaid backpack that he can use as a diaper bag, a pair of flannel pajama pants, a pedicure kit that's more manly less girly, a green Columbia hoodie (I showed him this.  He wanted a different kind), and a wool hat, which he's been wearing a lot of to work.   It seems like I'm forgetting one thing.  Oh well, you get the idea.

I still need to get some stocking things, but I'm almost done!  He's usually one of my hardest.  I think he'll be pretty pleased with my selections too.  I'm sure he'll take something back, but I'm used to that.  Now, I just have to get presents for everyone else.

Here's what's on my Santa Wishlist:

Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain
Portia De Rossi's new book
Autograph Eyeliner
Kat Von D liquid eyeliner in Turbo Lover

iTunes Gift Card - Occasions -Pink - $25
ITunes gift cards
(I need to make a labor playlist and downlaod new music for my ipod!)

Jeggings from Old Navy
(or any comfortable leggings for my expanding waist)

Click to enlarge

Cookbook holder.  I know, like I really need that!  I saw one on Franklin square last year and I have not stopped thinking about it.  It had a bird on it too, but wasn't exactly like this one.

New bras.  I'm going to have to get new ones soon.  I have no choice. 

Goody Gumdrops Empire Crossover Top Scrubs
New scrub tops. I'm going to need some of them too for the above reason. Bottoms are still doing well so far.  Aaron's mom gave me money for one set of maternity scrubs.  I'm trying to hold off for now.

A new scarf.  I think I want gray...at least I do today.
Black boots.  I really like these. 
Product Image Gilligan & O'Malley® Womens Thermal Pajama Pant - Purple DotProduct Image Nick & Nora® Womens Flannel Coat Pajama Set Collection - Assorted Colors
New sleep pants.  Aaron made me go through my pajamas.  Now I don't have enough pants!  Well, I have quite a few, but not nice warm winter ones.
Baby Bargains: Secrets to Saving 20% to 50% on Baby Furniture, Equipment, Clothes, Toys, Maternity Wear and Much, Much More!
I'm debating about holding off on getting this.  The new version should come out next year, but it may be too late for Baby O's arrival

 I need this letter, if this baby is a Nola. :)
Not pictured items:
 - My collage finished.  Yes, I need Mr. O (or Santa!) to get busy!
- Someone to finish my Christmas shopping or go with me!
- a painted guest bath, kitchen, and bonus room

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving thanks

I am thankful for so many things this year.  A list of some of them seemed appropriate for this time of year.
  • This baby that we have waited so long for.  Everything is going splendidly at this time.  The 12 week ultrasound showed no abnormalities.  Everything looked perfectly normal.  Seeing him or her swallowing, moving, and kicked back relaxing has been the highlight of this month.  I cannot wait until May!  Wait, I can't wait until the first week of January when we get to find out the sex either.
  • A pregnancy that, so far, as been void of sickness.  I am so grateful for not being nauseous.  I was so afraid that I would be, since I get car sick and queasy so easily.  I hope the second time goes this smoothly!
  • A job that I love and enjoy going to, just about every day.  Now, after the rough Monday I had (more on that later), I really dreaded coming in today.  When I got here, my first two patients got admitted, one to surgery and one to the floor.  I was seriously on the verge of tears, but I sucked it up and changed my outlook and things started to improve almost instantly.  I really do love it.  Not only the job, but the people are fantastic.  I think some of them are just as excited as I am that I'm pregnant.  It really feels like a family here, instead of just coworkers.
  • A husband that is the peanut butter to my jelly.  I love him so much.  He makes me feel loved, appreciated, smart, beautiful, and happy.  You guys already know that because I blab about him all the time.
  • My health.  Seriously, with as many sick people that I am around, I am so grateful that I have not been sick.  I figured that with working at an ER, which I've been told, I would be sick all the time.  I haven't really gotten any sicknesses from patients.  In fact, I believe the last time I was sick was last November.  I better knock on some wood.  I have a pretty strong immune system.  I like to think that it's because I eat pretty healthy on most occasions.  Down with the sickness.
  • Great friends.  Seriously.  I have some of the best friends that a girl can have.  They (you guys) bring so much happiness and laughter into my life.
  • My family.  I love them so.  Aaron's family too.  It's pretty amazing when you find an amazing husband who has an amazing family. 
  • My house.  I complain about it all the time, but I really do love it.  There will be changes to come to make me love it even more.  Who isn't grateful for having a roof over their head?  Especially, a place that feels like home and that you miss when you are away from it.
  • Income.  In these economic times, I am so thankful that Aaron and I both have jobs and have a steady income.  We've dealt with a layoff before and it is no fun.  I feel sorry for the people that are out there looking for jobs to help support their families, but can't find them. 
My life is pretty amazing right now.  I have no complaints.  I could list a million things, but I'll spare you.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tick tock

So, the clock is ticking and let me tell you what we have left to do before Aaron's parents come into town:

- paint the bathroom (yes, we decided to paint the bathroom)
-rehang the shower curtain rod (a house guest pulled it out of the wall..yeah, really)
-fix the leak in the guest bathroom/replace faucet
-finish cleaning the bathroom (lets just say I spent over an hour cleaning base boards..I don't want to talk about it.  It makes me so angry.  You should keep on an eye on things whenever you aren't using them, if you own them and will be responsible for them later.)
-change the guest sheets, dust and vacuum the room
-vacuum the stairs
-basically vacuum and dust the whole house
-clean the half bathroom
-clean out the refrigerator (I just did this about a month ago, but something got spilled on the second shelf)
-make sure the microwave is in perfect clean condition (it's my mother-in-law's pet peeve)
-make sure the washer and dryer aren't dusty, since they might use them.
-wash the kitchen cabinets
-let's not even mention the mess that is our room and our bathroom, which will get neglected to finish everything else.

See, we have a lot to do!  They get here in two days and I work the next two days.  I'm at work right now too.  I left my husband at home today and he informed me that he didn't get much done.  I'm trying really hard not to stress out.

Now, our house isn't as messy or dirty as it seems from this list.  It's just my mother-in-law is a perfectionist.  I basically "spring clean" the entire house when they come into town. 

I had Friday off and I can't think of what I did for most of the day, besides the cleaning the bathroom and baseboards and picking up any clutter.  I should have done more and we would not be where we are right now, which is way behind.  My only hope is that they come in late Monday night and I can do somethings before work and Aaron can do some things after work.

Does anyone want to come clean my house or better yet, anyone know any cleaning fairies or magic genies? 
Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We're outed...

..on Facebook.  Of course, we did it to ourselves.  We are just so stinking excited!  I feel much better now that we are almost into the second trimester.  One more week and a few days and I'll be in the 2nd trimester, otherwise known as the safety zone.  I still know that anything can happen, but it puts my mind at ease a little.

We had the big "first" ultrasound yesterday.  Of course, it wasn't our first.  In true Ordonez style, it took one hour for the baby to position itself so that the lady doing the ultrasound could get the shots she needed to see any signs of Down Syndrome or other abnormalities.  One hour, people!  All the baby wanted to do was kick back, legs crossed and up and hands behind his/her head.  It was cracking us up.  I told Aaron that the baby was already taking after him.  Meanwhile, my bladder was filling and I was extremely uncomfortable.  Thanks, baby! He/She is already testing me.

Everything looked great to me.  Of course, I'm no expert on ultrasounds, but you better believe I looked up what abnormal ultrasounds look like, so that I would know when I saw it.  They basically look at the nuchal folds behind the baby's neck and at the nasal bones.  Down Syndrome babies don't have nasal bones or at least not the correct nasal bones and they have larger nuchal folds.  Both of those things checked out on Baby O! 

Now, how am I going to hold out for 7 more weeks to find out the sex? It's driving me crazy. I don't know how people wait to find out.  There are so many things to plan for where you need to know that little piece of information.  Plus, I can't wait to stop saying it or he/she.

Okay, off to get ready for work.  Blah.  This is going to be a very busy week starting on Thursday.  The O parents are coming into town next week for Thanksgiving and they are staying with us.  They also informed us that they will be coming earlier than anticipated, like as in Monday of next week, instead of Wednesday.  It's too bad that I took off Tuesday to clean.  Now, I have to clean on Thursday and Friday of this week, since they are the only days off I have before they get here.  My lack of energy has left this house less than clean, so I have my work cut out for me.  My energy has started making a comeback and I feel great, so I think I can handle it.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Words of wisdom

I read on a couple of other blog entries recently that were letters that they wrote to their 16 year old self.  There are so many things that I would like to go back and tell my 16 year-old self.  I thought, "Why not?" and decided to do it myself.  So, here are my words of wisdom.

Let me start by saying that you are not invincible.  You will do some incredibly stupid things in the coming years.  I know, it's what teenagers do and lucky for you, you will come out unscathed, but you will be incredibly lucky that you do not end up as one of the missing girls on flyers at Wal-Mart.  You need to not trust every cute boy or interesting older person you meet.  They do not all deserve your trust.  Do not follow them or worse yet, ride with them to their house or some unknown destination, where you have no idea where you are.

I get it, you want to have fun.  Who doesn't want to have fun?  Fun sometimes comes at some other expense.  You will learn that later in life.  What you need to do is hold on to your family tight.  Go on the last few family trips.  Don't stay home in order to have your friends come over.  You can see your friends any time.  Choose your family.  You'll find out later how much your mom and siblings missed you because you locked yourself in your room and spent every waking second that you weren't at school or work with your friends, not to mention greeting them with a cold shoulder when you were home.  You're not even going to talk to most of those people after high school.  You will spend years over the guilt of not being with your family more and you will struggle trying to make up for lost time, especially after Dad dies.  He dies and you should know that.  The guilt will bring your knees and cause so many tears.  It's not your fault.  You think, nothing will ever happen to them, but it does.  Hug them more and tell them that you love them more.  They need you and more importantly, you need them more than you'll ever know.  Quit, being so damn independent.  You're only sixteen, for goodness sakes.

Yes, they aren't like you at all.  You've always felt different and like you didn't belong.  You want to grow and see and do so many things.  You feel like they hold you back.  You've known that for most of your 16 years.  They, on the other hand, are content with what they have and where they are.  That's not going to change.  It doesn't change the fact that they are the ones that would do absolutely anything for you and the people who love you the most.  Dad's death brings everyone closer.  You'll hold onto each other for dear life and truly appreciate what you have with each of them.  You'll pray that no one else gets taken from you too soon again.  Your mom and brother will be two of your closest friends.  You'll work on your sister.  You'll figure her out evidently.  She will act her age, just when you think it's a lost cause.  You'll feel like a weight has lifted off your shoulders and you will be grateful.  You know, you couldn't have helped carry her forever.

Okay, I promise, there are positive things you need to know, but first, one more thing, you have got to stop the obsession with your weight.  It's just truly began over the last four months.  Sure, you think you're only counting calories and it's not that big of a deal, but it's going to start to consume you.  It's going to drive you mad in the next five years.  It's going to go down to barely eating and exercising like crazy.  It will make you hate yourself like nothing else.  Look around you, you are skinnier than most people and most of your friends.  You are skinny already.  The most important thing is that you are healthy.  You won't be in the coming years.  You'll look sick.  You'll be far skinnier than you ever should be.  You can stop it all now.  Go eat pizza and ice cream like a normal teenager.   Who cares if you aren't perfect?  FYI, no one is perfect.  It's time you learned that.  People are going to stop telling you how great you look and start worrying about how skinny you are.  They will forever worry that you are relapsing years later if you drop a few pounds.  It will annoy you, but you, my dear, brought it on yourself.  You can stop it.  It hasn't started spinning out of control.  You have time.  You really do look fantastic.  What you see in the mirror isn't reality.  Look past it, look deeper.  See what the world sees.

You are amazingly smart.  Much smarter than you think you are.  You're not going to try that hard later in high school because you'll think, "What's the point?"  The point is that you can do anything that you want to do.  Don't doubt that.  You'll drop out of college and regret that later, but you'll go to nursing school and be one of the top students in your class.  You'll look back then and think of how amazing you were when you were young, in college, and staying out until all hours of the night and still pulling A's and the occasional B.  You were so smart and had no idea.  So, believe in yourself now.  Believe that you can do it.  You have no idea what you are capable of.  You could have been the doctor that you wanted to be.  It would have been hard work, but there is no doubt in my mind that you would have done it beautifully. 

You have so many things going for you.  Don't let the few bad things drag you down.  You are so kind and loving.  You deserve some of that love yourself.  Don't be so hard on yourself.  Love yourself like you love other people.  Want no pain or hurt, like you want for everyone else.  Take care of yourself, like you try to take care of everyone else.  There is nothing wrong with putting yourself before others.  That one will take years to learn.  Learn it now. 

You are funny and have a light that glows when you smile.  Don't lose that.  You are passionate and artistic and have so many things going for you.  Don't worry about what everyone else has or does.  Who cares?  You should be your top priority.  The world is so much bigger than you can even imagine.  Don't be in a hurry to see it and do it all.  Take it all in slowly.  Breathe and live in the moment.  Don't be thinking about what's next, because it'll come eventually.  Enjoy where you are and who you are.  Each little moment will lead you to who you are and if it goes by too quickly, you'll miss something important.

Oh, and by the way, you do live to be thirty. In fact, you're thirty-two.  I know, it's hard to imagine that because it's so old to you, but it is so much better than you could have imagined.  So much better, than 18 or 21 or 16.  It's the best age yet.  You're going to get married.  Yes, you who tires of boys so quickly and instead has crushes*, because you don't want to be controlled or tied down.  You, who yells at your dad, that you'll never get married and instead live with your boyfriend.  Oh, you'll get married and you'll know it within a couple months into dating him, that you would want nothing else than to have this boy tell you he loves you and to live happily ever surrounded by your kids.  Yes, you want kids too.  Crazy to you, I'm sure, since you want no kids and want the furthest thing from marriage.  Do you know what?  You are the happiest that you've ever been.  You husband truly sweeps you off your feet.  He is so kind, and loving, and one of the best things that has ever happened to you.  He helps pick up all the pieces.  The pieces that started falling down at 16.  This life is nothing like you imagined, but it so much more than you ever could have imagined.  You will be so blessed and happy and content and full of love.  You'll know in your heart, that life will just keep getting better.  Sure, they'll be the bumps in the road, but you can handle, you can handle anything. 

your older and wiser self

*One of the crushes you have is a douche bag.  You will have Speech and Drama with him next year and you will realize that you wasted two years of your life obsessing over him.  He is nothing like the perfect person that is in your mind.  He isn't even close to someone that you would date.  In fact, forget about the other crush too.  He'll get arrested for drug possession, later this year.  Oh, and the third crush will also be in your Speech and Drama class too.  You'll be over him in no time.  He'll ask Bridget out.  She'll go on one date with him and tell you how lame and boring it was and you'll be happy that you dodged that bullet too.  It might just be better to focus on studying.  You're choice in boys right now isn't so great.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Confessions of a pregnant 32 year old

  • I have no energy, but I'll take that over nausea any day of the week.  I haven't been nauseous at all, not even one day.  FYI, there is a stomach virus going around.  Beware and wash your hands.  I'm praying I don't get it.  I saw three patients yesterday and those were just mine.  The ER was full of nausea and vomiting yesterday.
  • My HCG levels went from 97 on Friday to 500 on Monday when we first found out.  We were scared that there would be two, but there is only one.  Though my sister swears there is one hiding because she keeps dreaming I'll have twin girls.
  • I have no food cravings really, but I have food aversions.  I cannot even look at hummus or yogurt without my stomach turning.  I hope I regain my love for them.  Oh and if I don't want to eat something.  I don't eat it.  Sometimes nothing looks or sounds good.
  • On the opposite hand, I have been loving some orange juice and cinnamon raisin english muffins.  Neither of which, I loved before this.  I hate raisins!
  • We have eaten out far more than I would like to admit.  Partly, because I'm too lazy to cook and partly because nothing will look good to me.  Aaron has been a trooper.  He's eaten at Chik fila several times, even though he doesn't really like it.  I've also stopped at Taco Bell after work more than once.  *hangs head in shame*
  • I'm off one of my pregnancy meds and will come off the other one in a couple of weeks.  Finally, I'll be a normal pregnant person, just be taking prenatal vitamins, if my body does what it's supposed to do.  Prayers are still welcome, we're not quite out of the woods yet.
  • I've already gained 2.5 pounds.  I'll say that Halloween and Gatlinburg had a part in that though because I'm up a pound from before they occurred.  Plus, I don't usually eat all the crap I've been eating.  I will say though I ate great until the last two weeks.  The yolk sac that nutritious the baby was too big and we were warned about miscarriage, but I knew it's because I was eating so much protein and folic acid that I knew the baby just couldn't take in all the nutrients. 
  • The heartburn/indigestion is horrible.  Tums is a really good friend now.
  • Wait, I'll take the craving part back, because I am craving two things:  a nice cold beer and a sub sandwich.  Neither of which, I can have.  I've made Aaron promise to bring me a firehouse sub to the hospital after I have the baby.  Every time he drinks a beer I ask, "How's the beer?" and he usually responds "So good," and I say with a frown, "I bet."  Sigh.  He'd sneak in a beer to the hospital, if I wanted him too.  He's such a great husband.
  • I tried drinking half a cup of coffee in Gatlinburg.  I drank a few sips and gave it to Aaron.  I'm sure that love will come back though.  I wouldn't give up coffee for just anyone.
  • The reason word got out at work was because I had to tell my director and assistant director and they had to tell the charge nurses, so that the can prevent me from going in rooms I shouldn't go into.  It was supposed to be a secret, but one charge nurse said something to me in front of someone, and they said something in front of someone else, etc, etc.  It was spiraling out of control, so we knew we had to go ahead and tell everyone.  I'm glad I don't have to hold it in anymore though.  It's a lot to hold in.  Oh yeah, at work, I've had not one, not two, not even three, but four patients that possibly had meningitis.  I never realized how dangerous my job is, pregnant or not.
  • I have nursery ideas in my head.  I've already been picking some things up, including the dresser from the flea market.  Most of what I'm drawn too is girly, so lets hope it's a girl or I have one at some point. Don't expect it to be pink, yellow, or pastel colors.  You know, I don't roll that way.  The walls up there are already aqua/robin's egg blue and the baby bed will be painted bright red or bright yellow, but probably red.
  • I really don't care one way or another if it's a girl or boy.  I, honestly, think boys are more fun and way less demanding than girls.  I just want a healthy baby.  Aaron wants a healthy baby, but wants a boy first.  Go figure. :)
  • We have some names picked out, but they will remain a secret for a little while, at least until we find out the sex.
  • It's amazing to think that this baby went from the size of a sesame seed to the size of a prune.  The human body is amazing.  I see it everyday at work, but this truly shows what it is capable of.
  • I can't wait to make my own organic baby food and I want to learn how to sew.  Baby clothes don't look that difficult to make.  You'll be happy to know that I've refrained from buying any more clothing since becoming pregnant.  I didn't want to jinx it, but I also know that I'll receive a lot too.
That's all for now.  I'm going to shop with the oldies (it's senior day at Kroger).  Time to pick up some food that actually appeals to me.

Happiness in October

Someone was a blog slacker this month.  Many happy things were left unblogged.  Here are all the things that led to smiles and happy hearts in October.

.  breaking the silence on baby O to our parents  .
.  seeing baby O, not once, but twice (and hearing the heartbeat!)  .
.  weekend trips to Gatlinburg with good friends  .
.  throwing muffins in hopes of seeing bears  .
.  one-eyed horses named Twinky  .
.  treats from the Chocolate Monkey  .
.  carving pumpkins with friends  .
.  black, glittery skeletons  .
.  celebrating one of my favorite little (or not so little anymore) boy's birthdays  .
.  lunch with Toni & B  .
.  the movie, Adam  .
.  talking on the phone with my bro  .
.  weenie roasts and smores  .
.  naps  .
.  falling leaves  .
.  fall weather (finally!)  .
.  successful yard sales that pay for cabins for weekend trips .
.  spending the day in pajamas, not once, but two days in a row  .
.  hanging out with Mr. O from morning until night without a single interruption (in pajamas!)  .
.  catching old episodes of Gilmore Girls before work  .
.  What to Expect When You're Expecting..I like to know what size fruit my baby and my uterus are for the week.  Prune and grapefruit, if you want to know  .
.  pumpkin spice candles  .
.  new scrubs  .
.  finding out I'm not the only pregnant person at work  .
.  Halloween, though I had to work and drive home from Gatlinburg in the same day  .
.  sweet potato pancakes  .

I'm sure there were many more, but this month kind of felt like a blur.  October is always so busy, but full of lots of happiness!