Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nola Gray

This beautiful little lady will join our world in 6 weeks or less.  Can you say excited and terrified?!

Anthro, you had me at hello still my heart. 

Draped Surplus Jacket

Forgotten Avenues Tee

First baby shower

Here are some pictures from my first shower, which I already said was amazing.  Feast your eyes on the amazingness! 

The lovely Owl centerpiece

The food table

More food

The cupcakes in my two favorite flavors

The setup

My beautiful hosts and a very pregnant me

Chevonne, Jules (who is pregnant too!) and me

Me and my sis

The gorgeous Ordonez ladies

B & ME

Mom and Tiff

The crowd

More guests


The jellybean fairy!

and more gifts

and more gifts

and even more gifts (I spared you all from all the gift opening pics  :) )

A nightmare of sorts

Picture this, you're driving home and suddenly the brake light, car doors/trunk light, and battery light begin to flash, so you proceed to call your husband and say, "Please stay by your phone.  My car is not acting right."  You discuss the possibility that it's your alternator again.

You hang up the phone and continue to drive, only to have all the lights on your dashboard dim and your radio go out several times.  You think, "I just need to get a little further," instead of pulling over at two well-lit gas stations. 

You come up to a major intersection, Myatt Drive and Old Hickory Blvd to be exact.  You think, if only I can get to the other side of the road where there is an emergency lane or to the shady gas station that is up on the right.  You decide to go for it, even though the car is starting to act like it doesn't have much power left.  Your car rolls forward and dies in the middle of the intersection, blocking a lane of traffic.  You have no power, so no lights, it is 10:45 and cars are still abundant on this stretch of the road.

Great little story, right?  Yeah, that happened to me coming home from work on Wednesday night.  Thankfully, three guys stopped and helped tow my car to a the shady gas station up on the right.  Had they not stopped, I have no idea what I would have done.  I mean, I went into panic mode for about one minute before I told myself to pull it together. 

I was debating, "Do I get out and stand on the side of the road at night?" or "Do I sit like a target for all these cars to hit me in the dark?"  Great options, don't you think? 

One of the guys that stopped, the one that towed my car with his truck, had worked a 13 hour day, was already late getting home, and his wife was mad at him.  He said that he passed me, but immediately turned around because he couldn't leave me sitting there.  He just happened to be a mechanic.  Now that is God having a hand in your situation.  He told the other two guys that it was okay for them to leave and he waited with me for the 20 mins or so it took for Aaron to get there.  I had no cash or anything to give him, so I just thanked him one hundred times.  I really hope that he, as  well as the other two, but especially him, get some good karma back for helping me out. 

By the way, I've only broken down twice in my Accord, which has been an amazing car, and both times it was my alternator.  The first time I broke down was on the interstate in the left lane during rush hour.  Seriously, can I get a break and have my car die in less dangerous spot, if it ever happens again!  I live for excitement and I'm all for adventure, but both times, have been a little too much for little ol' me to take.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Showers of baby love

I had my first baby shower today.  It was perfect.  Perfect decor, food, and company.  Nola racked up tons of bath supplies, outfits, bibs, books, baby wipes, blankets, etc.  This little girl is already loved and she isn't even here yet.

I'll post more about it when I get the pictures from Esther.  Yes, Ms. Eddy that is a hint to send them my way.  Oh and a huge shout out to Esther and Bridget for being the best hostesses a girl could ask for. 

One down, and three more to go.  The next one is next weekend.  I'm hoping it will be just as great as the shower today.  It'll be hard to top though! Thanks again, ladies!

Happy March Things

March seemed to come and go quickly, but not without leaving a lot of happiness and smiles. 

.  my sister finding out she's having a girl too  .
.  finding and ordering the perfect fabric for the crib bumper and curtains  .
.  having a mother-in-law that can make said bumper and curtains  .
.  encores & more consignment sales  .
.  Starbuck's breakfast sandwiches and lattes (whoops!)  .
.  extra money on my checks from all my extra hours  .
.  good reports from my doctor  .
.  seeing my nephew baptised .
.  hanging out with Aaron's family  .
. shopping with my mom  .
.  lazy afternoons and nights and filled with tv, movies and milkshakes  .
.  Dunkin' Donuts glazed donuts  .
.  Purity lowfat chocolate milk  .
.  the first day of childbirth class going well  .
.  lunch with Esther and Misty  .
.  finding out I got the 10a-10p shift  .
.  good times with Aaron's cousin Lanie who was in town from FL  .
.  having Hayden call me for homework advice because he didn't trust my sister's answers  .
.  spring cleaning and having a spotless house (for a week)  .
.  the arrival of Nola's bed  .
.  dolls named Coco  .
.  grocery shopping with Mr. O  .
.  coffee and hanging at J.J.'s Market  .
.  finding paper lanterns at Hobby Lobby  .
.  $8 sandals at Kohl's  .
.  getting compliments many days on my outfits...that's huge for a pregnant girl!  .
.  Nurse Jackie marathons  .
.  actually reading again ...for fun  .
.  having a husband who will clean up face makeup that I managed to drop and splatter over the entire bathroom as I sat in our bedroom and cried over ruining my outfit, the rug,  and the fact it was a brand new bottle of makeup.  Oh being pregnant is fun  .
.  finding the perfect replacement rug at Target  .

Friday, April 1, 2011

Exceptional taste

Apparently, I have it.  I can pretty much guarantee if I pick up a purse at Marshall's or T.J. Maxx it will be one that is $100+.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love a good deal and get lucky at that one too.  Did I ever mention my $5 Tory Burch cashmere sweater?  Yeah, that will never happen again. 

More often than not though, I gravitate towards the expensive things.  I wish I didn't.  Case in point, the dress below.  I saw a picture of it, and clicked on the link, and low and behold, $600.  Sigh.  I'll have to try to find a Target or thrift store knock off, especially with little Nola coming along.  You know this little girl will always look better than me.  I'll have to sacrifice, so she'll be perfect.  Hmm, maybe Mr. O should sacrifice instead.


Speaking of fashion, I want you all to look and be fabulous in new Spring clothes.  There are some good things out right now!  I, unfortunately, won't be buying any.  I'll miss the second best season of the year to dress in.  Don't worry, pending Mr. O's sacrifice, I'll make up for it and look fierce in the fall!