Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Where have I been?

The following are reasons that I have not blogged in months:
  • There may be luggage in my floor still full of clothing from our trip to Florida in August. I should probably put that away before blogging. Um, I'm getting to it later today, pinky swear.
  • This weather is gorgeous. How can you not be outside or doing something other that sitting in front of a computer?
  • To be honest, I spent much of the first trimester of this pregnancy extremely exhausted. Nola pretty much destroyed the house as I laid on the couch, my bed, the floor, watching it all unfold, but too tired to get me butt up, unless danger was involved. Nola, please put that knife down. Just kidding, my friends...kind of. (For those of you that may not know, I am pregnant once again. Surprised, shocked, ecstatic, that was us. I'm 23 weeks, so we're used to the idea now and extremely excited to have a little boy join our family in January).
  • Nola has spent a lot of the last two months sick. Thank you, daycare! From Roseolla with one morning of a 105 temp to croup to a lovely cold. Ugh, kids are gross. Not mine, of course, but the ones that are giving her their little cooties. It's like a snot fest every time I drop her off.
  • Not that I'm blaming my sweet little girl, but she no longer sits still, not even for a second. How can one little person have so much energy in that tiny body. Not to mention, attitude. This kid is going to give us a hard road. I can see it already. Good news is, if we can keep her away from brat status, then I'm pretty sure that she'll handle her own when she's older. We won't have to worry about her being someone's stepping stone. Little girl likes things her way. More on that sweet faced little anger ball in another post though.
  • I'm lazy lately. I have floors that need to be mopped, stacks of magazines that need to be read, tons of recipes that need to be cooked, the list could go on and on. I think I'm so overwhelmed with everything that I said, "To hell with it all!"
With all the above being said, I guess I'm back or at least I'm going to try to be back. I have several things to put into blogworld. Hopefully, I'll some how find the time. Stay tuned!