Monday, November 19, 2012

Who do you love?

I saw this video posted on another blog and couldn't help but post it here too.  Make sure you watch until the end.  It gave me goosebumps.  Without spoiling anything, they are indeed the exact same thing.  I can't imagine living in a world where I couldn't be with Aaron or was judged every time that we appeared in public together. You love who you love.  Love doesn't see man, women, black, white, asian, short or tall.  Love sees only what makes you feel happy and whole.   I believe love is a gift that everyone should be entitled too.  This from a girl who lives in a state with people wanting to leave the union.  Don't even get me started on that one! 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Following Nola's lead

Well, our little angry bird has decided that she no longer likes meat.  I've gotten away with at least slipping some nitrite free ham onto a sandwich with some cheese for a little while, but now, when given a sandwich, she opens it up to inspects it before taking a bite.  If there is meat there, she pulls it out and sits it to the side.  Smart little cookie we have. 

She's never been a huge meat fan, but she'd enjoy some turkey sausage in the morning with me and would eat ground turkey in spaghetti sauce and, of course, like most kids she liked hot dogs and the above mentioned sandwich meat.  Funny thing, she's never liked a chicken a nugget.  Possibly, because she's only had them about five times and three of those were Earth's Best nuggets at home.  I've only bought them out twice and she wouldn't touch them.  Who trusts meat in a nugget form, anyways? 

I'm not too concerned with her diet choices.  She gets tons of protein in with greek yogurt, quinoa, hummus, and, the ever popular kid choice, macaroni and cheese and all cheeses in general.  I am going to mention it to the pediatrician when we go to her 18 month (can she really be almost 18 months old!?!?)  appointment this month.  I'm not sure what his reaction will be, since I told him in the beginning I hadn't planned on giving her any meat when she started eating table food.  It's funny that she made the choice on her own. 

Which brings me to the real reason behind this post, Aaron and I have made the decision to limit our meat intake for the time being, and then to eventually become vegetarians.  We even may take it to the next level and go full out vegan. 

We're eating what is left in our freezer and pantry because we aren't wasters and have also been making many vegetarian meals at home, as well, as choosing vegetarian meals while out.  I was worried that I would feel deprived and crave meat, but the truth is, it's gotten easier and easier.  Now, I've begun to feel bad, when I eat meat, but like I said, we aren't going to waste what we have already purchased.

So, how did we come to this epic decision?  Really, it began with Food, Inc., when we began our healthier eating and organic adventure.  We also have a night or two a week that involves no meat with meals on a regular basis, so we aren't huge meat eaters, but I'm not going to lie about my love of hamburgers, a good steak, and bacon. 

Since Food, Inc, we have seen several documentaries about food and farming and have had this thought in the back of our minds for a while now.  But watching Forks Over Knives, brought the thought around to the forefront, and then, we watched, Frankensteer, (shudder).  There are no words for the later of the two.  Needless to say, my love of beef was killed in the matter of minutes.

Now, I've encountered plenty of in-your-face vegetarians and heard about not eating things with a face or feelings, blah, blah, blah, and I won't be like that because those reasons are just silly to me, but I don't judge, so preach on.  What I will say from a health prospective, please take a look at the documentaries.  Be informed about what you put in your mouths and your bodies.  At the very least, choose meat products that are hormone free and beef that is grass fed.  Yes, the expense is crazy, but the expense on your health is even crazier. 

Coming from a health field, where I see most people with hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, not to mention on 10 or more pills daily and morbidly obese, on a daily basis, It is absolutely mind blowing to me that people can reverse diseases just with plant-based diet alone.  I mean, reverse heart blockages without surgery.  It's scientifically proven in Forks Over Knives.  The documentary is based on research done in the book, The China Study. I am currently reading it and will have further thoughts on it when I finish it. 

Believe what you want, but I honestly believe that the choices that the food industry makes for us are what will kill us in the end.  Dramatic yes, but the truth, I think so.  After all, we created Mad Cow and MSRA, not to mention most of the other animal born illnesses.  All because we are a nation of I-want-it-now and our officials and industries are about making a buck without a thought to consequences.  Convenience and greed do have a price.  Unfortunately, we are the price.

We still haven't figured out a set plan or the logistics of this lifestyle change and I'm sure we'll have slips and have cravings, but I'm extremely happy about our decision and proud to have a husband that pushed for this and pretty much convinced me that it was the right thing to do.  Now, can I please get a Whole Foods or Trader Joes, closer to me, please.  I'll keep everyone, if there are any readers left, posted on our progress. 

In the meantime, here are some resources that I have found to be helpful:

The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone.  I'd like to punch her in the face for the way she writes, but the information and recipes are good. 

Fresh.  Another documentary that I just watched last night, which was really good.

Veganomincon by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero.  I haven't actually tried any of these recipes, but there seem to be so many good ones.

Vegan Cooking for Carnivores by Roberto Martin.  Again, haven't actually tried any of these, but all the recipes seem amazing.

Blogs in blogland:   Fitnessista, Oh She Glows, Daily Garnish, and The Thrifty Mama.

Restaurants:  The Wild Cow and Phat Bites.  There are so many more, but these are recent finds with absolutely delicious vegetarian options.  Can I just say, that I am grateful to live in a state with such delicious food options.  I really think that our restaurant industry is right up there with New York and Chicago.  We have such great food all around us.  The quinoa tacos at The Wild Cow knocked my socks off.  I'm still thinking about them.  The life salad at Phat Bites is still on my mind too. 


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Where have I been?

The following are reasons that I have not blogged in months:
  • There may be luggage in my floor still full of clothing from our trip to Florida in August. I should probably put that away before blogging. Um, I'm getting to it later today, pinky swear.
  • This weather is gorgeous. How can you not be outside or doing something other that sitting in front of a computer?
  • To be honest, I spent much of the first trimester of this pregnancy extremely exhausted. Nola pretty much destroyed the house as I laid on the couch, my bed, the floor, watching it all unfold, but too tired to get me butt up, unless danger was involved. Nola, please put that knife down. Just kidding, my friends...kind of. (For those of you that may not know, I am pregnant once again. Surprised, shocked, ecstatic, that was us. I'm 23 weeks, so we're used to the idea now and extremely excited to have a little boy join our family in January).
  • Nola has spent a lot of the last two months sick. Thank you, daycare! From Roseolla with one morning of a 105 temp to croup to a lovely cold. Ugh, kids are gross. Not mine, of course, but the ones that are giving her their little cooties. It's like a snot fest every time I drop her off.
  • Not that I'm blaming my sweet little girl, but she no longer sits still, not even for a second. How can one little person have so much energy in that tiny body. Not to mention, attitude. This kid is going to give us a hard road. I can see it already. Good news is, if we can keep her away from brat status, then I'm pretty sure that she'll handle her own when she's older. We won't have to worry about her being someone's stepping stone. Little girl likes things her way. More on that sweet faced little anger ball in another post though.
  • I'm lazy lately. I have floors that need to be mopped, stacks of magazines that need to be read, tons of recipes that need to be cooked, the list could go on and on. I think I'm so overwhelmed with everything that I said, "To hell with it all!"
With all the above being said, I guess I'm back or at least I'm going to try to be back. I have several things to put into blogworld. Hopefully, I'll some how find the time. Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

You know you're old when

You get a stress fracture from working out.  Yes, I'm in a lovely boot for I'm hoping just 4-6 weeks.  I really hate this darn thing.  Just when I try I start working out and getting back into my healthy groove, my bone becomes a jerk.  It's been three weeks on Monday.  I go for an xray this week to make sure everything is healing.  Obviously, my bones know that I'm not 16, now if my face would figure that out and stop breaking out, that would be awesome!

Time is flying by

Did I seriously not post at all in March?  How can that be?  It's crazy how time seems to be in warp speed now.  People kept telling me that once you have kids that it goes by so fast.  Well, I believe them now.  I don't know if it's because you're busier with them or they add extra things, but it's so true.  My child is going to be one in a little over a month.  How did that happen?

Lately, I've tried to spend more time living in the moment.  It's hard for me.  I have a constant list of what I need to be doing.  I can't seem to stay on top of house work or really anything.  I find myself staying up later and later trying to get everything done.  I keep thinking that I will come up with some system that works for me and everything will get better.  Well, it hasn't happened yet.  So, I've said the heck with it on a few days and just spent hours playing in the floor with Nola.  I mean, now that she's mobile, it's not like I can get a lot done anyways.  It's more important for me to savor every moment with her because every day seems to fly by and I can't get this time back.

As the prospects for a second child looms closer and closer, I find myself clinging to this time with Nola.  In a way, I want her to stay by herself for as long as possible, but I also know that I'm not getting any younger and that she will love having a playmate around.  No, we're not trying now, but probably will at the end of this year.  If God's willing, then we'll be granted another beautiful O baby.

Actually typing that out, made my heart beat speed up a little.  I'm going to keep trying to figure things out and what to give up on and let go.  Eventually, probably when they are off to school, I'll finally have a clean house, plans with friends, date nights, and a level head.  Until then, I'm just wishing time would slow down just a little bit and that I will magically develop a photographic memory to remember every second of this time with Nola. 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Here are some pictures of things going on in our world.  Ah, this kid.  I love her so.  Mr. O isn't half bad either. :)

sippy cup drinking

lots and lots of wanting to pull up and standing

chillin' in the morning

sweet texts from Mr. O

delicious food

a little crafting for the collage in the front room

Valentine's Day eating beets

moving and shaking things up

loving some bathtime (and trying to pull up in the bath tub)

Nola Vicious

Imma let you finish

I was nominated for an "Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award" from the always awesome Ashley.  Check out her blog and then thank me for turning you on to her laugh-out-loud humor.  Hmm, probably shouldn't talk about turning people on when nominated for an award with sweet in the title.

Anyways, my end of the deal is that I have to list 7 things about myself that you don't already know and nominate my own deserving and sweet friend's blogs.  I wish everything was that easy in my life.  Without further ado, here are the facts:
  1. I hate raisins with a passion.  They are gross and make me cringe just thinking about them. My disdain is that intense.
  2. I love to look at what people have in their grocery carts.  It's fascinating to me what people buy.  You can tell a lot about a person from what is in their cart.  It's like a little window into their lives.
  3. Don't get me wrong, before Aaron, I had branched out a lot.  In fact, I think I've mentioned here before that I am way different from my southern style food upbringing and from my family in general.  However, my lovely husband introduced me to good beer, eel sushi rolls, brussel sprouts, red wine, oranges (how to peel them) and many more things.  Who knows?  If I hadn't met Aaron, maybe I'd still be the girl who drinks Bud Ice (yes, I'm serious) with a limited pallet.
  4. If I could do anything in the world without the money being a factor, but still with having a job.  I would open a cafe/coffee house/gift shop.  It would be awesome, just so you know. 
  5. I'm much more flattered when girls hit on me than guys. Let's be honest, we are way pickier.  Aaron and I went out for dinner for my 24th birthday and I was hit on by our quite pretty waitress.  Half way through the dinner, Aaron said something along the lines of, "I think our waitress is into you."  Yeah, you think?  I had known from the moment she started talking to me.  Aaron might as well not have been there.  It was hilarious.  He was getting so mad and, I think, jealous.  :)
  6. I'm a nerd in the fact, that if I find something or hear something that I don't already know, then I will always look it up.  It bugs me when I don't know something.  There is always room for learning in my world.  Pocket protector wearers unite!
  7. I can draw blood and start IVs without a problem, but come at me with a needle, and I can't watch it break the skin.  I just rather not see it.  Other people, stick away.
It was hard coming up with 7 things that I haven't told on this blog.  You guys, pretty much know everything about me.  Now to keep up with my end of the bargain, here are my nominees.  You should go and check them out because they are all great reads.
  1. Esther at Everyday Eddy's.  Esther's blog is full of updates on her family.  Her blog is definitely sweet and deserving of an award.
  2. Misty at Misty's Rants and Raves.  It's kind of cruel to even put this here.  Why, you ask?  Well, because her blog is set to private.  Is her blog sweet?  Well, if sweet means, awesome, then yes it is!  I laugh out loud at just about all her posts.  She says exactly what is on her mind and that is one of the reasons I love it and you would too.
  3. Julie at Mommy and Miles.  Now, Julie, I know you just got nominated from Ashley too, so you don't have to do all the other things, but she's insanely funny and I love blogs written by new moms because I'm a new mom too.  We can figure it out together.
I would nominate more, but most of the others that I read are people who I don't even know, but enjoy reading.  Thanks again, Ashley, for the nomination! 

    Saturday, February 4, 2012

    Oh happy day!

    Happy things this week, include:

    .  Aaron is at home for my four days off this week.  Best weekend ever!  .
     .  Thursday was one of the best days I've had at work in a long time  . 
    .  Nola is trying to crawl.   This kid hates tummy time so much that she gets into the crawl position from a sitting position.  It is the weirdest and cutest thing  . 
    .  Aaron's aunt and uncle visited last weekend from Florida  .
    .  dinner out with the O fam at Cariabba's  .
    .  spending my days off hanging at the house with my girl  .
    .  seeing my sis for a minute last Sunday  .
    .  eating my lunch in my car this week at work because the weather was amazing  .
    .  browsing through the Cook's Illustrated Cookbook  .
    .  Nola eating like a champ  .
    .  making lunch plans with Esther  .
    .  pinning on pinterest  .
    .  veggie pizzas  .
    .  discovering the lullaby station on Pandora  .
    .  Nola dancing and swaying to music last night  .
    .  not to mention, seeing a picture of herself and saying, "baby!"  .
    .  yakisoba made at home with love and plenty of chili paste  .
    .  reading Hungry Monkey (more on this later)  .
    .  Nola clapping while watching a cooking little chef in the making  .
    .  Patrick Park  .
    .  plaid and stripes worn together  .
    .  Contagion reminding me that you can never wash your hands too frequently  .
    .  busting out flats again because of the gorgeous weather  .
    .  latte stops on the way to work  .
    .  laughing while being chased by someone holding pee at work.  Ah, lovely coworkers  .
    .  another patient thinking I was younger than 25  .
    .  peach organic applesauce  .
    .  almost finishing the missing puzzle pieces to the mural in our front room  .
    . sitting under the glow of the Christmas tree...yes, I'm serious. It's still up  .
    .  And, on that note, procrastinating, so I enjoy pretty things longer :)  .

    Wednesday, February 1, 2012

    Gender issues

    Why can't women just get along?  Why are we the determent to our own gender?  It's so frustrating to have cattiness and gossiping at every job that I go too.  It's something that I will never get about my gender. 

    When I was 18 years old and fresh out of high school, I began working at my mom's work with my best friend.  From the moment, or at least it seemed that way, we started working, we were targeted by all the women that worked there.  If we weren't getting written up for something we wore, then someone was saying we were slacking at our job.  My best friend (shout out to B!) was even accused of sleeping at her desk.  I mean, please.  Oh yeah, I was actually told that I wouldn't "always be this skinny" too.  Well, guess who got let go, when they downsized that department?  You got it, the two of us.

    Flash forward to the oh-so-lucrative marketing job I had in my early twenties (Side note, I met Misty there!).  There were two marketing girls in the back, me and my friend, Kelly.  Well, it was us versus the front office girls on everything.  Did I mention that one of them was sleeping with my boss?  We again were accused of goofing off and of flirting with everyone.  We even got a lecture from the holier-than-thou front office girl telling us about how unlady like our actions were.  Excuse me, but have you seen my husband (then fiance)?  I had no reason to cheat or to encroach on their men.  The funny thing is that I could have sued that company for all the sexual harassment comments that I endured every day, especially from my married-and-cheating douchebag of a boss.  Sigh.  I ended up hating going to work every day and left that place.  Seriously, can't we all just get along?!

    I even had a conversation, one-sided of course, with Nola the other day.  I was telling her how if she stayed this cute her whole life, she would have a really hard time with other girls.  I hate that for her.  As Ani Difranco's song states, "God forbid you be an ugly girl, 'course too pretty is also your doom, 'cause everyone harbors a secret hatred for the prettiest girl in the room."  Sadly, from my experiences with other girls, it's the truth.  Heck, look at me, I'm by far not even the prettiest girl, nor do I have the best things, and yet, I find this everyone place that I go. 

    There are so many other times that this post could go on for days, but I'll spare you all.  I mean, my experiences in high school with girls, could have been this entire post.  I started thinking about this topic last night at work when I walked by two of my coworkers who were talking about me. Granted, I'm pretty sure they didn't think I could hear them. Not that makes it any better, but it clearly displays the problem I'm talking about it. It was over something small too, but this comes on the heels of my being lectured around a month ago from my assistant director, who technically is my boss, because someone told her I was breastfeeding for 30-45 minutes at a time, which is beyond ridiculous. That, my friends, is one of the reasons that I stopped pumping at work.  I didn't need to add fuel to that fire. 

    Last night, I came home angry and with my feelings hurt.  It hurts every time this happens.  I'll never get used to it and I will never understand these things.  But, here is what I do know and fully understand.  I do my job and I do it well.  I'm nice to almost everyone and, if I problem with you, which I rarely have a problem with anyone, I just steer clear and act cordial.  You won't find me being overly nice to you.  I don't fake anything.  What I put out is me to a T.  I don't play games and I won't stab you in the back.  I don't want or need that kind of energy following me around.  I'm just as envious of a pretty girl or someone with a nice house, car, etc. as the next person, but I'm not going to belittle them or try to take them down for it.  Good for them.  I have more than enough things to be happy about than to try to destroy someone else's happiness.  Most importantly, I'm a grown ass woman. I acted five years old, when I was five years old.  I know right from wrong and act accordingly.  My mother raised me to be the best person possible, and I try hard every day to make her proud.

    If you think this is a woe-is-me post, you've got it all wrong.  I hope it's more thought provoking than anything else.  After all, how can we ever be treated as an equal, when we knock ourselves down without anyone else having to try to?  For every step females move forward, we take two or three back with the actions above.  We owe the women in our past, who not only suffered, but fought hard for the things that we take advantage of, to get our shit together.  Girl power did exist at one time.  I'd like to bring it back.  Not only, for myself, but for the little girl that is sleeping soundly in her crib upstairs, who only knows love and happiness at this time.  She deserves it.  I think we owe it to each other to change things for our daughters.  And, we owe it to each other to change it for ourselves.

    Tuesday, January 17, 2012

    Mikey likes it!

    Yes, I just dated myself with that title.  If you don't know who Mikey is, he was a character on a tv commercial in the 1980's when I was little.  He was supposedly a picky eater who, of couse, ended up liking the cereal in the ad.  Now on to the real post.

    Nola has eaten all of the following things:  apples, prunes, butternut squash, zucchini, yukon potatoes, sweet potatoes, mango, apricots, brown rice, bananas, carrots, green beans, peas, broccoli, quinoa, celery, and onions.  Oh, and oatmeal and rice cereal.  She's also had all of these spices/enhancements: cinnamon, thyme, cilantro, nutmeg, sage, ginger, lemon zest, organic vegetable broth, olive oil and garlic powder. So far, she loves absolutely everything.  I enjoy making the food too.

    Last night, she had broccoli puree, which I believe I had added lemon zest too, with quinoa pilaf, which contained onions, celery, thyme, olive oil, and vegetable broth.  I actually made one batch for us and one for her.  I cut the vegetable broth in hers and did not add salt.  That child loved it! 

    I am so proud of her.  She loves everything.  She hasn't snubbed anything.  After the next few days of broccoli, I have a beet and navy bean puree and spinach with green peas.  We'll see how those go.  I haven't introduced meat yet.  I know I need too, but I'd almost rather not.  I know she does need protein though. I haven't done my research yet, but I will soon.  I found a delicious recipe from Tyler Florence's book, Fresh Start, with turkey breast, cranberries, brown rice and sweet potatoes.  I will probably try that soon. 

    Maybe it's a fluke and she would have eaten anything anyway, since both Aaron and I have always been good eaters, according to both our parents.  Either way, I'm glad she's tried so many things when she's only been eating solid food for about 2 months and I've been doing 3-4 days between new things.  I know, she'll go through a picky toddler stage and I'll be prepared for that, but you better believe it won't be McDonald's chicken nuggets and fries. Unless, someone sneaks that to her, she probably won't have any taste of that, hopefully until she's 18 and making her own decisions.   Even then, I hope she snubs her nose at it. 

    Monday, January 16, 2012

    Another year gone by

    It's funny how you wake up on New Year's Day and it really does feel like a fresh start (or is that just me).  I feel revived and happy.   Bring on the new year, please.  I am ready for it.  2012 has a lot to live up to with all the blessings that 2011 bestowed on me.  You know me, I'm always trying to put positive energy out and it seems to work in my favor.  For that reason, I have no doubt that this year will exceed my expectations.

    To be honest, I don't really remember last year's goals.  First time parenting really throws you for a loop, doesn't it?  I had no idea that my world would be flipped upside down.  Ah, sweet naivety.  Usually I will repost last year's goals and go over how I accomplished the goals or how I fell short with a reason to back it up, but I don't want to do that this year.  Last year was the year of Nola.  That's all that matters. 

    This year's goals all came to me without any effort of thinking about them and pondering what I should for the year.  They are things that I want to work on or do regardless of whether it's January or the beginning of the new year.  So without further ado, here is what I hope the year has in store for me.

    1. Bring healthy back.  This means lose the pesky 3 or 4 pounds that I have left from having Nola, exercise more, and return to eating better.  During my pregnancy, I may have only gained 26 pounds, but I was not eating so well towards the end.  You guys, remember my reeses peanut butter cup and Dr. Pepper love.  Well, I'm still drinking Dr. Pepper, where as, before I rarely drank them.  In 2009, I vowed to cut out sodas from my diet and I went 6 months without drinking a single one.  I haven't been eating well lately either, I feel bloated and just ugh.  The good thing about living a pretty healthy lifestyle is when you lose your way your body doesn't like it one bit.  It helps to keep you more accountable.  Also, I want to start exercising again.  I was walking and jogging before I got pregnant and have only gone a handful of times since having Nola.  I'm contemplating doing a 21 day cleanse, but not being able to have caffeine scares me a little.  Plus, I had to give it up for 9 months, I finally get to enjoy my coffee again.  Granted, it is only 21 days.  Anyways, I'm not going to deprive myself, so if I want the dang cheeseburger and fries, I'll eat it, but I am going back to my old ways of eating better and getting the ol' muscles working again.  For the record, I'm drinking a Dr. Pepper as I type this.  Baby steps, people, baby steps.
    2. Make or buy all my gifts for throughout the year early.  This is still fresh on my mind because Christmas had me running around days before trying to finish up my shopping.  That is so how I don't usually do things. I usually pick things up throughout the year when they are on sale and am finished shopping early.  I usually keep a running tab of who's birthday is next, so that I can buy the gifts a month or two ahead.  I already have a good start.  We started a tradition this year of the three of us getting pajamas to open on Christmas Eve.  I've already bought all three of our pajamas for next year.  They were all on clearance too!  It stresses me out to not be prepared for things, which brings me to my next goal.
    3. Get organized again.  I don't know how I'm going to do this or don't really have a plan, but I need to do something.  After panic attacks started rearing their little dirty little heads again, I vowed I had to do something.  Things have gotten better.  I still can't get a handle on all the errands and housework.  How do you other moms do it?  It has gotten better now that Nola doesn't want me to hold her 24/7, but I still need to get an even better grip on things.  I still do my meal plans, which are helpful, but I guess I need a schedule or to start doing my daily lists again to stay on top of things.  
    4. Back to the budget.  You all know I'm thrifty, but I think I'm going back to budgeting more.  Meaning, checking sales papers and going to the store with the cheapest prices.  Making sure I have my coupons handy, even when it comes to going out to dinner.  Basing my meal plan on what meats and things are on sale.  I want to put more in savings and save towards doing some sprucing up to the house.  I've already started this one too.  I've picked up quit a few things for Miss Nola for next year.  Let's hope she stays on track as far as clothing fitting her based on her age.  Plus, I'm trying to meal plan based on what I already have at home.  My pantry is too full.  No, I'm not bragging on that one!  
    5. Spruce up this house.  Well, since I'll be budgeting and saving, it's definitely the year to to do this!  We have too many half finished projects.  It's so annoying to me.  I want to try to focus on one room and then finish it and then move on.  This seems oddly familiar.  Was it on last year's list?  I'm too lazy right now to look.  We are FINALLY almost finished with Nola's room.  It has turned out remarkably just like I wanted it.  As soon as things are finished up, I'll post some pictures.  She is finally sleeping in there!  I must say, as much as I didn't want to move her up, it has really been the best thing.  She sleeps better, wakes up happier, and we can walk around our room and talk (amongst other things) in bed without worrying that we're going to wake up the baby that is snoozing right next to our bed.  On the list for this year is also replacing the carpets/flooring.  It is so time.  It's going to hit us in the financial area, but will be so worth it.  Now to try to talk Mr. O into hardwood on the first floor.  Bringing up the house, if I were moving right now, check out these two houses, mls 1301520 and 1328184 .  There are plenty of things I would change, like pastel walls, but they have pretty good bones to work with.  I especially like the first one.  I am definitely not a new construction kind of girl.
    6. Another O baby.  Yes, really.  Would I like to have more time in between them?  Yes, of course. The age of my eggs are hurrying things up a bit.  Yes, I know plenty of people of people older than me have perfectly healthy kids, but I can also plead the case for all the people my age or younger that have Down Syndrome babies or other birth defects.  Plus, do I really want to be like 50 when my child is in elementary school?  Hells to the no.  Some people may be fine with that and to each his or her own, but for me, time is of the essence.  We'll be trying later this year.  I haven't decided if I'll blog about the attempts or our treatments if we have to go that route again, which I'm hoping we won't have too and my body will get it together.  Maybe I will or maybe I won't, but there is another O baby on the horizon.  Seriously, have you seen my child?  How could we not have another?  Just so you know, I haven't been on birth control, since having Nola, but given the fact, that I was off of it for years and years and nothing happened, I'd rather take my changes than prohibit something that may be difficult to achieve.  You feel me?
    All in all, not a bad list.  Short and simple and all necessary.  I have a good feeling about 2012.  Bring it on.

      Thursday, January 12, 2012

      Get your shopping on

      Just in case you or your family need some clothes, go to Old Navy. You can take an additional 30% off clearance prices. I scored 7 or 8 shirts and a jacket for Nola for next fall/winter, 2 shirts for my nephew Hayden, 2 pair of pajamas for Aaron, and a hoodie cardigan and shirt for me all for $80. Word!

      You can pretty much find a steal anywhere now on winter clothing. I bought Nola a red wool peacoat at Target for $8.08 for next year. They already have bathing suits out. Ugh. I don't even want to think about that yet.

      Oh yeah, if you have any littles at home, then stop in at Babies R Us. They don't have the best clothing selection, but for an additional 40% off their clearance prices, it's worth a look! I scored 5 or 6 shirts for Nola and a Carter's outfit. The shirts were $2-3 a piece and the outfit was $9. Can't bet that, especially with the incredibly growing girl.

      And no, I was not paid to write this post. I wish I was because I'd go back for more. Um, who am I kidding, I will be going back for more!

      The best nightlight

      Would it be wrong to leave the Christmas lights along our stairs' banister all year long? I'm going to miss the soft glow on my way to bed at night and their warm welcome when I get home from work. And yes, my Christmas decorations are still up. I'll be taking them down on Friday. Saddest day of the year.

      Monday, January 9, 2012

      Baby words

      Well, there has been lots of baby babble over in the O home.  For months and months, this child will carry on a conversation with you for ten minutes straight.  Granted, you have no idea what she's saying, but it so dang adorable. 

      Now, real words have happened.  She looked right at me and called me, "Momma," while we were in Gatlinburg in November.  That really was her first word.  Since then, I've only gotten her to say it a couple of times.  She's said, "Dada," but not really to Aaron.  The funny thing is over the last few days we think she's calling him Aaron.  It sounds just like it.  I don't call him Aaron usually, so I'm assuming, if it's really what she's saying, it must be from his parents and family being over during the holidays.  She looked right at him yesterday when he walked into the bonus room and said, "Aaron," all excited.  I'm working on getting her to say daddy or dada because Aaron really doesn't like her calling him by his name. 

      The best words came on Christmas Eve.  My mom and her evil  boyfriend were leaving our house.  My mom was waving and saying, "bye, bye," to Nola.  Nola raised her hand, which we've been working on waving, waved and said, "bye, bye."  At first, we all didn't think she really said it, then she waved and said it again.  It was amazing.  I'm telling you there is no better feeling than seeing your child learn something new.  Also that day, when handing her a doll, she said, "baby."  Plain as day.  She's said both since then, more so than momma or dada or Aaron.  Leave it to our child to be different and say other things besides our names.

      While writing this post, it made me think of one of my most vivid memories when my sister was little.  I'm pretty sure it was on Christmas Eve.  We lived in a little trailer and I was probably 4 or 4 1/2 years old and my sister was probably 1 or 1 1/2 years old.  We were sitting at the little kitchen table and in the midst of looking for Ruldolph's nose and lights that were moving in the sky (duh! Santa's sleigh), I remember pointing to things trying to get her to say them.  Most of them, she would say.  It was so exciting when she repeated, "Tree, bush, star, etc."

      It's funny because I have lots of memories from that time in my life.  I don't know why some ages stick out more in your mind than others.  I hope when I look back on this time I remember how exciting Nola's first words were.  I hope I remember that tiny hand going in the air and waving backwards, while saying, "bye, bye," and that it happened during the most magical time of the year.