Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Following Nola's lead

Well, our little angry bird has decided that she no longer likes meat.  I've gotten away with at least slipping some nitrite free ham onto a sandwich with some cheese for a little while, but now, when given a sandwich, she opens it up to inspects it before taking a bite.  If there is meat there, she pulls it out and sits it to the side.  Smart little cookie we have. 

She's never been a huge meat fan, but she'd enjoy some turkey sausage in the morning with me and would eat ground turkey in spaghetti sauce and, of course, like most kids she liked hot dogs and the above mentioned sandwich meat.  Funny thing, she's never liked a chicken a nugget.  Possibly, because she's only had them about five times and three of those were Earth's Best nuggets at home.  I've only bought them out twice and she wouldn't touch them.  Who trusts meat in a nugget form, anyways? 

I'm not too concerned with her diet choices.  She gets tons of protein in with greek yogurt, quinoa, hummus, and, the ever popular kid choice, macaroni and cheese and all cheeses in general.  I am going to mention it to the pediatrician when we go to her 18 month (can she really be almost 18 months old!?!?)  appointment this month.  I'm not sure what his reaction will be, since I told him in the beginning I hadn't planned on giving her any meat when she started eating table food.  It's funny that she made the choice on her own. 

Which brings me to the real reason behind this post, Aaron and I have made the decision to limit our meat intake for the time being, and then to eventually become vegetarians.  We even may take it to the next level and go full out vegan. 

We're eating what is left in our freezer and pantry because we aren't wasters and have also been making many vegetarian meals at home, as well, as choosing vegetarian meals while out.  I was worried that I would feel deprived and crave meat, but the truth is, it's gotten easier and easier.  Now, I've begun to feel bad, when I eat meat, but like I said, we aren't going to waste what we have already purchased.

So, how did we come to this epic decision?  Really, it began with Food, Inc., when we began our healthier eating and organic adventure.  We also have a night or two a week that involves no meat with meals on a regular basis, so we aren't huge meat eaters, but I'm not going to lie about my love of hamburgers, a good steak, and bacon. 

Since Food, Inc, we have seen several documentaries about food and farming and have had this thought in the back of our minds for a while now.  But watching Forks Over Knives, brought the thought around to the forefront, and then, we watched, Frankensteer, (shudder).  There are no words for the later of the two.  Needless to say, my love of beef was killed in the matter of minutes.

Now, I've encountered plenty of in-your-face vegetarians and heard about not eating things with a face or feelings, blah, blah, blah, and I won't be like that because those reasons are just silly to me, but I don't judge, so preach on.  What I will say from a health prospective, please take a look at the documentaries.  Be informed about what you put in your mouths and your bodies.  At the very least, choose meat products that are hormone free and beef that is grass fed.  Yes, the expense is crazy, but the expense on your health is even crazier. 

Coming from a health field, where I see most people with hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, not to mention on 10 or more pills daily and morbidly obese, on a daily basis, It is absolutely mind blowing to me that people can reverse diseases just with plant-based diet alone.  I mean, reverse heart blockages without surgery.  It's scientifically proven in Forks Over Knives.  The documentary is based on research done in the book, The China Study. I am currently reading it and will have further thoughts on it when I finish it. 

Believe what you want, but I honestly believe that the choices that the food industry makes for us are what will kill us in the end.  Dramatic yes, but the truth, I think so.  After all, we created Mad Cow and MSRA, not to mention most of the other animal born illnesses.  All because we are a nation of I-want-it-now and our officials and industries are about making a buck without a thought to consequences.  Convenience and greed do have a price.  Unfortunately, we are the price.

We still haven't figured out a set plan or the logistics of this lifestyle change and I'm sure we'll have slips and have cravings, but I'm extremely happy about our decision and proud to have a husband that pushed for this and pretty much convinced me that it was the right thing to do.  Now, can I please get a Whole Foods or Trader Joes, closer to me, please.  I'll keep everyone, if there are any readers left, posted on our progress. 

In the meantime, here are some resources that I have found to be helpful:

The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone.  I'd like to punch her in the face for the way she writes, but the information and recipes are good. 

Fresh.  Another documentary that I just watched last night, which was really good.

Veganomincon by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero.  I haven't actually tried any of these recipes, but there seem to be so many good ones.

Vegan Cooking for Carnivores by Roberto Martin.  Again, haven't actually tried any of these, but all the recipes seem amazing.

Blogs in blogland:   Fitnessista, Oh She Glows, Daily Garnish, and The Thrifty Mama.

Restaurants:  The Wild Cow and Phat Bites.  There are so many more, but these are recent finds with absolutely delicious vegetarian options.  Can I just say, that I am grateful to live in a state with such delicious food options.  I really think that our restaurant industry is right up there with New York and Chicago.  We have such great food all around us.  The quinoa tacos at The Wild Cow knocked my socks off.  I'm still thinking about them.  The life salad at Phat Bites is still on my mind too. 



  1. Nick and I eat at Phat Bites at least once a week. Love that place and their variety of hummus, salad, etc... I can't say I'll join you in going full veg, but I will definitely join you for Phat Bites any time!

  2. Please do. I had been there once before, but then we tried it out the other day and they had awesome choices for nonmeat eaters. Nola loved it too. Of course, part of her meal was grilled cheese. I mean, who doesn't love that. Unfortunately, they only have one high chair. They need to invest in two! Maybe that would be a good location to meet up for a momma playdate. :)